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Poseidon Returns on Hiller’s New Retro Flames Mask

Poseidon Returns on Hiller’s New Retro Flames Mask


Jonas Hiller is doing retro right for the Calgary Flames.

The Swiss-born goaltender asked artist Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx to design a new mask to match the jersey’s Calgary will wear for an upcoming retro game on March 16, and the painter came up with a perfect match for the sweaters themselves.

From the flaming C logo on each side, to Hiller’s No.1 on the chin, the entire mask looks like it has been stitched together like an old jersey. From the texturing on those logos, to the way the stitches surrounding the logos and stripes were painted, this mask nicely captures that feeling of an old hockey sweater.

“(The “C”) looks like it’s patched on there,” Hiller told Flames TV (you can see the video below). “It gave me another chance to be a little creative so I thought I would go with a retro theme. He did an unbelievable job on it.”

It’s also a nice, bold break from the all-black ghost Flames mask Livery painted for Hiller earlier this season.

As for the Poseidon reference, that’s for the backplate along with the names of his wife and daughter and similar to the first mask, is simply because the veteran goaltender is a big fan of the “God of the Sea,” which according to the Flames TV interview has to do with being an Aquarius (Poseidon is evidently the son of Aquarius). The mask itself is made by the same Swiss friend of Hiller’s who designed his carbon fibre cowlings, but that lime green material that lines the inside is Unequal technologies helmet padding and there is also shock-absorbing gel from Maltese Sports, which Hiller said were added to ensure the custom-made mask passed the new NHL testing standards.

Enjoy close ups of all three angles below, and for more great masks from Livery check out the HeadStrongGrafx website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook:



here’s a video from Flames TV of Hiller talking about the mask and design process, as well as a look at the bright, retro-coloured Koho pads he will wear in the game next week:

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  1. Chris

    Umm what is pictured inside his mask isn’ t maltese gel. It’s Unequal technologies helmet padding.
    You can tell buy the small squares in the picture. Please give credit to the Unequal in your article also as its used in his mask also.

    • David Hutchison

      The helmet actually has a mixture of both…credit where credit is due though! Coming now.

  2. Rhys Johnson

    He does have unequal in last year’s mask, however next year it will be only Maltese gel.