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Roberto Luongo Showcases new Panthers Logo with Mask

Florida Panthers veteran goaltender Roberto Luongo has familiarized fans with the team’s various logos on his mask during the last few seasons – and sure enough, he’s keeping things simple by following that trend with the concept for his newest mask, as well.


Griff was Luongo's painter in his first two NHL seasons. Do you remember these?

Griff was Luongo’s painter in his first two NHL seasons. Do you remember these?

Working with Stephane Bergeron of GriffAirbrush for the first time since his first two seasons in the NHL, Luongo will wear a mask next year that puts a spin on his older mask designs – just with the team’s newest logo. Pictured above is the concept markup for the mask, which will be unveiled closer to the start of the new season.

The Florida Panthers got a complete concept design overhaul this summer, with new logos, jerseys, and colors being ushered in for the revitalized Southern Florida franchise. Luongo’s mask does a good job of showcasing that, with the two variations of the new cat prominently displayed on the sides and a clear, simple stripe up the top. The design looks similar to what he wore last year – just with the team’s new image.

Here’s a closer look at the mask in progress, exclusively from InGoal:



Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a closer look at the full mask itself before too long.

For more of Bergeron’s stellar work (which includes an extensive collection of masks for both Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray of the Pittsburgh Penguins), check out his official website or Facebook page.

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