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Robin Lehner Uses Scare Tactics for 2012-2013 Senators Mask

Robin Lehner Uses Scare Tactics for 2012-2013 Senators Mask

Robin Lehner 2012-2013 Ottawa Senators MAskThe National Hockey League may not be in action, but that hasn’t stopped the equipment from rolling in, and this latest mask may even be coming to a rink near you soon.

Created for top Ottawa Senators prospect Robin Lehner, the newest offering from Dave Gunnarsson of should be on display when American Hockey League training camps open later this week. That’s because Lehner, despite a .935 save percentage in five NHL games last season and an AHL championship the year before, will be back with Binghamton this season. But at least he’ll look like a top NHL goalie in his new mask.

We’ll let Gunnarsson explain the matte look and overall concept:

“Robin wanted something completely different,” Gunnarsson wrote on his website. “Me and Robin talked a lot during the summer about this new look. We wanted to create an unpleasant dark feeling and a violent look, a look never seen on a mask before… We wanted to create the scary feeling you have after waking up after a nightmare… We came up with a plan with a design that creates a new look no matter which angle you look at the mask, with a matte finish.”

The lack of color and scary theme is reminiscent of both the Stephen King mask Gunnarsson recently painted for Dallas Stars’ backup Richard Bachman, and Lehner’s mask from last season, which was also short on warm, fuzzy colours.

And, like most Gunnarsson designs, there’s more than meets the eye at first glance.

“Just as usual the whole design is created with extreme detail work, and the closer you come to the mask the more details you will discover and the mask transforms in front of your eyes,” Gunnarsson wrote.

We’ll let you be the judge from these larger images, which Gunnarsson shared with InGoal:

Robin Lehner 2012-2013 Ottawa Senators Mask 3

Robin Lehner 2012-2013 Ottawa Senators MAsk

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