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Robin Lehner gets grittier with newest ‘In Flames’ mask

Robin Lehner gets grittier with newest ‘In Flames’ mask

Buffalo Sabres starter Robin Lehner is the resident metalhead of the NHL.

Known for his love of Swedish death metal In Flames, he’s put the band on his mask for years now – letting their gritty, intense music inspire the design surrounding the band’s logo.

This year, he and fellow Swede David Gunnarson, the mask artist behind DaveArt, have come back with the similar design. This year, though, it’s gotten grittier than ever:

“It is rough, it is raw, it is gritty, it is matte,” Gunnarsson write of the mask, via Instagram.

It’s another variation on the mask series the two have created together over the years, based on the In Flames logo and depicted using a sketch pen rather than clean, bold strokes.

This year, the design gets a bit darker, though.

Last year, Gunnarsson introduced the ‘sketch edition’ of the concept, creating Lehner’s entire mask – including the Buffalo Sabres logo and his number on the chin – using the sketch pen. Where that design was all greys on a white background, though, this one has a slate grey base with black and blue sketch pen used to make the images pop.

Even the Sabres logo is given the metal treatment, with the Buffalo warped and re-imagined on the sides of the chin, and the whole thing is given a final rough touch with the stone-like texture of the backdrop.

Gunnarsson has been imagining masks with Lehner since the goaltender was still a kid, so the two have a long history of creativity – and it certainly shows.

For more of Gunnarsson’s great work, check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram account

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  1. Stephen

    “In Flames” is not death metal at all. Maybe a little harder than Hard rock, but nothing close to that cheap crap. Their songs deal with real things and issues. If you must classify them as metal, just call them a Metal band. It gives a false representation of who they are.


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