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Ryan Miller brings family to the beach on newest mask

Ryan Miller brings family to the beach on newest mask

After three years with the Vancouver Canucks, Ryan Miller is headed for sunny Southern California – and to honor his new gig with the Anaheim Ducks, the veteran netminder’s newest lid takes his family right to the shoreline.

Miller collaborated with his long-time mask artist, Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs, to come up with the sunset-inspired color theme.

The backplate is a work of art; although not usually the focus of a goaltender’s mask, this one is worth taking a long look at. 

There’s a gorgeous, Ducks-colored sunset with silhouettes of the rest of the Miller family, letting wife Noureen, son Bodhi, and french bulldog Puck take the ice with Ryan for each of his games this coming year. They stand looking out on the water with a surfboard and lifeguard stand, posing among the palm trees to show how at home they are by the sea.

Of course, the mask itself is just as fun to dive into.

“Ryan and I went back and forth for a week or two with some different sketches and ideas for this mask,” Bishop told InGoal. “Ryan wanted something a little darker than the regular “white cartoon duck mask” and still wanted to bring some of his classic mask design style that we have developed over the years into the mix as well.”

“He found some cool Japanese Hannya mask images that he liked and it gave me the inspiration to sketch up the initial design idea, which Ryan really liked, so we ran with it!”

The mask looks like a subtle mix of the classic Hannya masks, used to inspire fear and dominance in traditional Japanese theater, with a healthy blend of a Mighty Ducks-esque design. The end result isn’t quite a blatant Hannya pattern, but draws on plenty of the elements of the masks to create a unique look for the former Sabres number one as he moves on to a new city.

Take a look at a few other angles, courtesy of Bishop Designs:

To check out more of Bishop’s work, take a look at his official website or Twitter.

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