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Schneider Brings Jersey Devil To Life With New Mask

Schneider Brings Jersey Devil To Life With New Mask

DA Poster LargeCory Schneider will be sporting a menacing new mask designed by Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt when the 2015-2016 season kicks off in just over a week.

This year’s design prominently features the iconic New Jersey Devils’ logo wrapped with barbed wire. The reason for the barbed wire? It’s keeping the legendary Jersey Devil contained, whose eyes can be seen on the left side of the mask.

It’s certainly one of the scarier designs that Schneider has used over the years, and it will be interesting to see what the mask looks like in action.

Gunnarsson had this to say about the mask on his Facebook page:

Do not enter the forest in New Jersey… it is something watching you in the dark… You might see it, if you look really close…

And if you will not see it, the legendary Jersey Devil will see you… We need to stay away from the forest and have a safe distance, and we really need a barbwire fence…

I love to create Storyteller designs, base them on a local legend and let the story be brought to life…

Thanks Cory, I love to be your mask artist!

Schneider’s previous mask was also designed by DaveArt, and it included two different depictions of the Jersey Devil. That mask was much darker, while the new one is a deeper red design. The eyes on the new mask are much more ominous than the depictions in previous masks.

The New Jersey Devils as a team are looking to bounce back from a disappointing season. Schneider had very little to do with their lack of success, as he was stellar all year long – saving the team 21.17 goals against above average.

To see more of Gunnarsson’s mask artwork, check out his website, Twitter feed, and Instagram account. For more shots of Schneider’s new mask, check out the picture below:

DA Poster Large

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  1. Andy

    I don’t understand how Dave is so inconsistent. He is capable of producing some really great work. This is not one of them. It’s more overworked, poorly designed, and sloppy looking design. Also, with the Devils, you have such a great opportunity for some really great themes. Lastly, whatever happened to the “contest” that had a fantastic design that looked like a Mastodon artwork?

    • Devin

      This is exactly what I thought, They just completely scrapped the contest winner’s design. I even messaged Dave on facebook (he usually responds to questions) and got nothing back.