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Secret Lalime Tribute Hidden On New Anderson Mask

When Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush Airbrush set out to paint Craig Anderson’s new Ottawa Senators 25th anniversary mask she was really preparing to paint two masks.

The first one is the mask everyone saw when Anderson first wore it on the ice for morning skate on Thursday, a more traditional replica of Damian Rhodes old Ottawa mask with tributes to Patrick Lalime and Daniel Alfredsson. But there is another mask hidden underneath the black edges of that, under a layer of what Marsolais called “ghost paint,” that doesn’t come out until heat is applied:

Hidden near the Lalime portrait is Marvin the Martian, who was a staple on all of Lalime’s masks.

“It won’t be visible on the ice but if you apply some heat, whether from your hand, a hair dryer, or hot water, you’ll see things appear,” said Marsolais. “It’s like painting two masks on one.”

The Lalime and Alfredsson portraits are contained in a red maple leaf on each side that appears to be framed by simple black paint around the outer edge of the mask down to the chin. But when heat is added, the black fades to reveal another layer of detail underneath, including the heritage logo on top.

“At first view, it looks like a traditional paint job, but under the black paint of the mask is a lot more,” Marsolais said. “On top there’s the Senators 25th anniversary logo and on the Lalime side there is Marvin the Martian and there is a landscape of Mars on the lower sides.”


You can see Marvin the Martian in the “in-progress” photo above, but it is hidden below by “ghost” paint:


The Senators sent out a video of their own showing Anderson revealing the secret tributes:

You can find more work from Marsolais, who also painted the new heritage Ron Tugnutt tribute mask for Ottawa Senators backup Mike Condon, by checking out her Twitterofficial website, or Facebook page. But in the meantime enjoy more close ups and in-progress images of Anderson’s new mask here:



craiganderson25th_6 craiganderson25th_7




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  1. Paul Ipolito

    How often is heat applied to a goalie mask? Does the mask come with a blow dryer and really long extension cord?

  2. mikew

    One guy does it, now everybody does it. Be original.