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Seinfeld’s Face-Painted Puddy on New Devils Mask

Seinfeld’s Face-Painted Puddy on New Devils Mask

DA Poster LargeNew Jersey Devils’ goalie Scott Wedgewood has resurrected one of hockey’s greatest pop culture references on a new mask featuring Seinfeld’s David Puddy fully made up in his iconic Devils face paint.

From the episode ‘The Face Painter,’ Puddy famously got a little too excited after the Devils beat the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, giving Kramer the gears before freaking out a visiting pastor from El Salvador, who becomes convinced Puddy is in fact the Devil himself.

“You gotta support the team!” Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt joked, aping Puddy’s famous line from the show “Can it be a more classic New Jersey Devils mask than this. Scott Wedgwood knew what he wanted on his new Devils mask, he wanted the classic Devils super fan Puddy on his mask, the classic Devils supporter from the Seinfeld TV show”

Using a paint style which makes the Devils logo also appear as if it were done using face paint, Wedgewood and Gunnarsson have certainly tapped in to a major moment in Devils culture, with ‘The Face Painter’ still one of the most popular episodes from the legendary comedy series.

Tapping into the face-painting phenomenon that exists within sports fandom, the revelation that Puddy was a ‘face painter’ nearly ended his relationship with Elaine, with the Puddy character, played by Patrick Warburton, instead painting a D on his chest at the very next game to try and save his relationship whilst also staying true to his team.

You can find more of Gunnarsson’s work on his website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram account. Meanwhile, check out these close ups of Wedgewood’s new mask:

Scott Wedgewood

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