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Semyon Varlamov “Commando Yeti vs Frosty – More Action in The Rocky Mountains,” 2012

Semyon Varlamov “Commando Yeti vs Frosty – More Action in The Rocky Mountains,” 2012

The Yeti vs Snowman battle started on Semyon Varlamov’s other mask done by Dave Gunnarsson earlier this season continues on this new mask.


Dave on this design:”It is so exciting to be Semyon Varlamov´s painter, he always wants designs with a lot of details, just what I love to do.

Semyon was so happy with his last mask so on his new mask he wanted a continuation, and the battle between Yeti and Frosty in the Rocky Mountains continues for sure… I can tell you this, I loved every minute when I created and painted this design.”


On the right side of the mask the Yeti has taken on a Terminator meets Rambo persona wearing a bandana and carrying a rifle while riding his customized “YetiMobile,” which features Nose Art akin to that on World War II era fighter planes.

The snowman on the left of the mask has taken a defensive stance on this mask and this time, instead of a carrot bazooka, he has shown up with a hockey stick and a Gerry Cheevers’ style mask. However, his carrot nose looks sharp enough to be used as a medieval style lance.

Although the snow war takes center stage the mask is filled with other interesting details such as the presence of Russian jets in the sky around the giant Avalanche logo, and the mountain top that has been shaped like a part of Vasilij-Katedralen (St. Basil’s Cathedral) in Moscow.

You can catch a glimpse of Dave working on this mask in a Bauer video about his studio (click here).

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  1. Jesse

    Sorry, I just can’t see this looking good from afar at all.

  2. mikew

    What a mess.

  3. Pat Roy

    What the f_ck is this? I’m already nauseous.

  4. joe smith

    Mr. Gunnarrson can do much better

  5. question3

    oh man.

  6. paul

    Sloppy airbrush work! Cool concept though! This just looks very rushed through no time spent on this at all

  7. paul

    Also what a slap in the face! Seriouly the ametican flag flowing backwards? Cmon i know ur in sweeden and dont know any better but this is flat out rediculas!

  8. aaron

    Actually, the American Flag is correct, the Field of Stars always faces forward.


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