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Sergei Bobrovsky joins goaltenders with new World Cup masks

Another day, another World Cup of Hockey goaltending mask has been debuted – this time for Russian goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, who will take the net for his country as a representative of the Columbus Blue Jackets:


In yet another example of Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson‘s impressive design mastery, Bobrovsky’s mask pays tribute to Russia in a concept he calls “Brick by Brick”.

“Sergei Bobrovsky’s World Cup mask lives and breathes Russia in every detail??,” wrote Gunnarsson, via Facebook. “It is created as a storyteller mask, and it transforms into a book the closer you come.”

The mask is subtly done up in the colors of the Russian flag, with red, white, and blue bricks making up the different angles of the mask’s design on each side. There’s also the Russian crest – the double-headed eagle featured on the nation’s coat of arms – artfully drawn up on each side of the mask, making up the focal point of the design while the World Cup of Hockey logo is displayed in much smaller scale to either side of his eyes.

While the mask is clearly a tribute to national pride for the international tournament this September, though, Bobrovsky and Gunnarsson pay homage to the goaltender’s NHL team, as well.

On the top of the mask, in a slightly more muted gold than the Russian coat of arms, the Columbus Blue Jackets logo adorns the design. There’s also, small but noticeable upon closer inspection, the number 72 painted on the blue bricks around the eye cage portion of the mask, for Bobrovsky’s NHL number.

The World Cup of Hockey will begin on September 17th in Toronto.

For more of Dave Gunnarsson’s work, check out his Twitter, official Facebook page, or website.

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