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Flyers’ Sergei Bobrovsky Turns New Mask into a Sideshow

Flyers’ Sergei Bobrovsky Turns New Mask into a Sideshow

While Bobrovsky certainly isn’t the first puck-stopping Sideshow Bob in the NHL – that Simpsons’ character honor first went to entertaining veteran Bob Essensa, who is now the goalie coach in Boston – it’s probably fair to say few other goalies have heard more plays on their name than the enigmatic Russian rookie who broke into the league with the handle “Goalie Bob” and “Bobs” painted across the chin of his original mask.

According to a Philly Sports Daily story, the plays on Bobrovsky’s last name on the new mask also include harder to spot characters representing Bob’s Big Boy burgers and a children’s cartoon character Bob the Builder. At least it looks like Bobrovsky, who was recently featured here at InGoal, is keeping it light as he faces the pressure of his first NHL playoff series against Buffalo standout Ryan Miller.

We’ll bring you more details on the mask as soon as we have them. InGoal hasn’t received details yet about the artist, but this new one does not appear to be signed by the artist who painted his last helmet, Dave Gunnarsson.

UPDATE: we’ve heard from a few readers that the artist behind the mask is Franny Drummond from Langhorne, PA of Drummond Custom Airbrush.

InGoal spoke at length with Fran today and will be bringing readers some exclusive shots of the design soon. The mask is widely being reported as a “playoff” mask but Drummond reports that Bob has no backup mask and his current one is showing some signs of wear so the Flyers staff felt it was important to get another one done. More details to follow!

Let us know what you think of Bob new Lid in the comments below.



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  1. Matt in Montreal

    Hey, Rocky is a great tribute to Philly.

  2. Sean

    The Artist is Franny Drummond. He was the artist of Rask’s latest mask. This mask looks great!!!

    • David Hutchison

      Thanks Sean, I’ve sent a note to Fran!

  3. Kevin

    I like the whole idea. The american flag is maybe a little bit too much because of the colors not matching the team’s palette.

  4. Danny

    It’s alright, I like his other one more. The rocky idea is good, but the art just isn’t that good.

  5. Greg Gries

    It looks good, and certainly is a unique combination.

    Can it stop shots in the playoffs?

  6. jt

    mask looks insane. Drummond out does himself again. way to go Drummond keep up the killer work. i think danny might need new set of glasses i dont care if you like the mask design or not there is no one out there than cant appreciate the artwork on it, its absolutely insane with detail.

  7. Cormac


  8. js

    Yikes pretty awfull … just like the Rask mask !

  9. Bob Kane

    Too bad he sucks…………………….wait half a second till he drops and push it in the top of the net.

  10. FlyersHottie

    I love this design, the Rocky touch is perfect. The mix of fun, patriotic, and personal is just right in my opinion.