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Star Wars Helmet Brings Silver Screen To Ice

Star Wars Helmet Brings Silver Screen To Ice

When Mark Wonkovich came to Tony Jarrett of Masked Expressions, the latter knew he had something special on his hands. Wonkovich provided a photo of a Star Wars Rebel fighter helmet and asked if Jarrett could recreate the pilot’s helmet as a goalie mask. “I told him I could, I had a clear vision of this mask in my head and being a fan myself makes it pretty easy for me to create the details to match”, said Jarrett, and away he went. The final product is nothing short of a masterpiece George Lucas himself would be proud of.

Anybody who has even glanced at a poster for this seminal movie collection knows exactly what this mask represents. Jarrett mentioned, “I like this kind of paintjob versus a really detailed and cluttered paintjob, you can clearly see what it is and it just works.” We couldn’t agree more. From the famous scene of Luke destroying the Death Star One to scenes within the Rebel hangars, the helmets have become iconic, much like most other recognizable Star Wars memorabilia. Both the left and right side of the helmet feature the red Rebel logo and sit above simulated ear protectors built into the original helmet.

Even the oxygen inhalation system has been installed as the chin of the mask. The copper colored cage is a really nice touch, representing the yellow/orange visor that drops down from the top of the helmet. You can see in the attached photos what Jarrett was working with and how well he recreated the fighter helmet. Complete with scuffs and marks on the helmet, we’re seriously impressed with this original design.

According to Jarrett, Wonkovich lives in Houston, TX and “is excited to get his new mask this week.” Well, we can certainly understand why. Regardless of how well Wonkovich plays between the pipes, he’ll likely have the sharpest lid on the ice for years to come.

Tony Jarrett works and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina as an artist working on custom goalie masks and racing helmets. For more of Jarrett’s work featured on InGoal, including masks depicting Batman and The Joker, Ironman, and even KISS, you can see his gallery here. Definitely visit the Masked Expressions website and follow Tony on Twitter to see great new mask ideas and designs. You can also see the rest of the Star Wars helmet below!

Rendering Picture

photo 4

Wonkovich Featured

Wonkovich Right


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  1. Ted

    Big time wow factor.

    Couldn’t agree with this more, quote: “I like this versus…(a) really detailed and cluttered paintjob”

  2. Jason


  3. jim

    Thats exactly what I was planning for my next mask…very nicely done.

  4. Dave

    Just seeing that mask makes we want to strap the pads on again…..haven’t played goal in years…

  5. DSM

    I don’t know. If I gave a painter a photo and it came back like that, replete with Sharpie detailing, misplaced logos and a general lack of crispness I wouldn’t be very happy.