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Subzero paint brings new Khudobin mask to life

Boston Bruins backup goaltender Anton Khudobin tried out a new concept last season, working with mask artist Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush to come up with a design that changed with the temperature of the air around the rink.

This year, the duo are back at it again:

Khudobin will skate out for the second year of his deal with the Boston Bruins with a new and improved lid, offering more color when the temperature changes.

It’s a wonderfully intricate design, utilizing the small bits of color to make the mask pop and keep it from looking too busy rather than going with a simplistic design overall. It works remarkably well; the detailed bear on the top of the mask and the sketched-out claw marks donning the sides to break up the team’s alternate logo are balanced out by the bright gold used throughout the design.

As the image above shows, the team’s ‘B’ and the word ‘BRUINS’ on top of the mask display the changing colors of the paint, shifting between black and gold depending on the temperature.

The chin is solid black save for the backup’s nickname, with “DOBBY” written out in the team’s jersey lettering and balanced out with the spoked ‘B’ logo as the first ‘B’ in the name.

The backplate remains a consistent, familiar design, with the Russian Phoenix taking up the majority of the space on the plate.

The concept has echoes of previous Bruins masks collaborated on by Khudobin and Marsolais, who are long-time partners in mask design. This one has a bit more symmetry to it, though, and less color incorporated to truly highlight the contrast between the black and the gold in the design.

Marsolais provided InGoal with a look at some of the images taken of the new mask by photographer Sebastien Gervais, who truly highlighted the different angles of the mask with his photos. Take a look:

You can find more of Marsolais’ great work on her websiteTwitter feed and Instagram page, while you can find more excellent photography from Gervais at his official Flickr page or on his Twitter.

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