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Sunset and surfing inspire latest Reto Berra mask

Reto Berra turned a few heads this summer, when he opted to trigger an out clause in his newly-signed contract overseas to ink a one-year deal with the Anaheim Ducks.

The 30-year-old Switzerland native is a big fan of the atmosphere he’ll be able to take in with his new home in sunny, Southern California, though.

That love of the ocean was kept in mind when mask artist Sylvie Marsolais came up with this year’s concept:

Marsolais told InGoal how she took Berra’s idea – to give his new Anaheim lid a ‘nice, California sundown’ feel – and made it a reality.

“One night that I wasn’t sleeping well,” Marsolais explained.

“I woke up and had a flash. I thought that we could paint the sunset inside some big palm trees silhouettes, to add more California style to the paint job.

I also knew that Reto likes to surf, wakeboard… so I thought it would be nice to add something related to that with the sunset.  On both side of Reto’s mask, you can see Huntington beach pier located in Anaheim; it’s a popular place for people who like surfing.”

The concept is immediately apparent on the mask, which brings one of Berra’s hobbies – and a sunny, mild-tempered evening – to the ice in the form of a California silhouette. Locals will be able to spot Huntington pier, giving the design a local flair, and the clean lines contrast perfectly with the watercolor sunset used to add the only splashes of color on the sides.

Marsolais paid tribute to the Ducks of old and new with a pair of logos, putting a full-color Mighty Ducks logo on the top of the mask and adding a silhouette-inspired modern Ducks logo on the chin, but the clear focus is the landscape; the palm trees even overlap the top logo, and there’s no additional adornment on the main mask’s body to detract from the scene as a whole.

The backplate is a continuation of the front, Marsolais explained, boasting a unique concept that few masks offer. It isn’t devoid of the traditional personal touches, though; in addition to his family’s initials on the left, the Bülach coat of arms (from Berra’s hometown in Switzerland) makes an appearance as well.

The mask was photographed by Quebecois photographer Sebastien Gervais as a part of his collaboration this fall with Marsolais, bringing the lid to the well-known ‘Beach Club” of Pointe-Calumet in Quebec to get the images. Take a look:

You can find more of Marsolais’ great work on her websiteTwitter feed and Instagram page, while you can find more excellent photography from Gervais at his official Flickr page or on his Twitter.

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