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Talbot Bears Teeth on New Rangers Ghostbusters Mask

Talbot Bears Teeth on New Rangers Ghostbusters Mask

Cam Talbot New York Rangers Ghostbusters Mask 2014-15 left sideRookie backup goalie Cam Talbot became a fan favourite for the New York Rangers last season, and not just because of his impressive play when No.1 goaltender Henrik Lundqvist struggled uncharacteristically through the first half of the season.

Talbot’s Ghostbusters-themed masks were also a big hit on Broadway, leading to a new nickname: GoalBuster.

Evidently Talbot knows a good thing when he sees it, because he will continue with a new twist the Ghostbusters theme for his new mask to start the 2014-15 season. Painted once again by Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who has also done all of Lundqvist’s iconic Rangers masks, Talbot’s new lid is called “The Zuul Doggy Dog,” named after the demonic spirit dog that possesses Dana Barrett, the character played by Sigourney Weaver in the popular 1984 movie.

“This time Cam Talbot will be transformed into the Zuul dog when he puts this mask on,” Gunnarson wrote on his Facebook page. “Just check out the chin of the mask: so many teeth. The Zuul dog is created at the lower part of the mask, and the rest of the mask is totally action packed with details to tell the story of ghost hunting in New York. And in the centre, of course slime!”

That “ghost hunting” action includes an image of the possessed Weaver on the right side and the lead character Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, on the right side, along with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, the Ghostbusters logo, and even a couple of Rangers logos done in stone. It sure to be another popular entry in the series for Talbot.

You can find the original Ectoplasm Rocker Ghostbusters mask, a baseball-themed Ghostbusters lid for the Stadium Series, and the Optimus Prime Transformers design that preceded it, in the InGoal archives. And for more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork, including a long list of gorgeous and iconic designs for Lundqvist, be sure to check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram.

Cam Talbot New York Rangers Ghostbusters Mask 2014-15

Cam Talbot New York Rangers Ghostbusters Mask 2014-15 left side

Cam Talbot New York Rangers Ghostbusters mask 2014-15 top right

Cam Talbot New York Rangers Ghostbusters 2014-15 Mask poster

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  1. Matt

    Nice idea for a mask and excellent art, I’m just not sure anything other than the Ghost Busters logo is recognizable from any long distance.

    Anyway, what I’m really curious to know is why Talbot switched from the Bauer 961 SE “Cujo” Longchin mask to the NME 10, which is their top end retail mask. I’m not certain of this particular mask, but if the previous top of the line NME 9 is any indication, it would most likely be a step down in terms of protection. I guess the pros don’t really need to worry as much about health bills, but still, this switch intrigues me.

  2. yaya

    you will see this only 9 times all year.