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Thatcher Demko debuts another Will Ferrell classic with new mask

Thatcher Demko debuts another Will Ferrell classic with new mask

If you liked Thatcher Demko’s Anchorman mask this past winter, has he ever got a treat in store for you.

The top Canucks prospect revealed his newest mask design on Sunday evening, tweeting out a series of pics from all angles of the lid with just a month and change to go before the regular season kicks off.

The mask is another classic from the always-busy David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who’s been hard at work this summer getting designs ready for goaltenders worldwide. This time, it pays a subtle (but delightful) tribute to Ferrell and co-star John C. Reilly from the iconic Step Brothers.

Take a look:

The body of the mask proper looks almost like the Canucks orca, reimagined to turn Demko himself into the team’s logo-incorporated mascot.

The backplate, though, is where the real fun comes in:

There’s the picture of Ferrell and Reilly from the movie’s poster, along with the Boston College logo and the state of California (never forget where you came from, after all). At the top, there’s a nod to Ian Jenkins, a friend of Demko’s and promising young goaltender who passed away six years ago at age-15. As mentioned by Rob Williams of the Daily Hive, the mask says “Big E”, a foundation started in Jenkins’ honor, and the motto “have a purpose in life”.

Overall, it’s got all the boxes checked off; there’s a masterfully-incorporated nod to the team making up the mask itself, plenty of personal touches, and a hat tip to Demko’s love of all things comedy.

For a look at more of the work that Gunnarsson has been putting out this summer, check out his Twitter accountFacebook pageInstagram account, or official website.

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