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‘The Tick’ Returns on Tokarski Canadiens Mask

‘The Tick’ Returns on Tokarski Canadiens Mask

Tokarski Tick Top MaskMontreal Canadiens backup Dustin Tokarski isn’t one to hide from a nickname, even when it has ties to an insect-based comic book superhero.

Tokarski returns to the Canadiens crease with “The Tick” featured prominently on the top his new mask, which was painted this time by Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.

Tokarski has always included the comic book superhero bug, including during his days with the Tampa Bay Lightning as a reference to his nickname, Tic.

“Once again Dustin Tokarski´s blue Tick buddy shows up on his mask,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “The design is created as an old school vintage design, a design that live and breath the red and blue and white of Montreal Canadiens. Then when you turn the mask up side down, the mask will be visited by Dustin´s blue buddy.”

As Gunnarsson wrote, the majority of the mask is traditional in feel, fitting for any goalie playing for hockey’s most storied franchise. You can see all the angles below, and for more of Gunnarsson’s artwork, check out his website, Twitter feed, and Instagram account.

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