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Thomas Greiss raises Autism awareness with World Cup mask

Thomas Greiss is one of the three goaltenders set to head to Toronto this September as a part of Team Europe at the upcoming World Cup of Hockey – and sure enough, he’s got an excellent new mask design to bring with him:


Greiss’ design was shared out by his wife Brittney via Twitter, where she gave fans a look at his mask design, a sneak peek at his pad/blocker designs, and explained a bit about everything:

“I believe each country of Team Europe is a piece of the puzzle,” she Tweeted, when sharing the mask. “Also, our passion for autism was in mind/heart.”

The design is artfully created, with the different flags for the various countries represented on Team Europe painted around the sides. Make no mistake, though, Greiss pays more than enough attention to his own German heritage on the mask; not only does the German flag serve as a focal point on the top front of the design, but his name is spelled out using the German flag across the chin. There’s also the Bavarian coat of arms on the back plate; it’s subtle, but pays homage to the region of Germany from which Greiss comes.

The entire mask is pieced together as a jigsaw puzzle, holding together the various flags – but more importantly paying tribute to Autism Awareness.

The artwork was painted by Blake McCully of Cross Eyed Airbrushing, in Calgary, Alberta.

“Thomas and his wife pitched me the rough idea of the puzzle and flag idea,” McCully explained. “At the time I believe they wanted each puzzle piece to be a flag. I thought that once they looked assembled on the mask it would look confusing as each piece would looked force fit to the next one. Noting there would be no one main image to link the individual puzzle pieces. One image of all the flags seemed more viable as a solution.  Being that Team Europe represents nine countries unified this idea was very solid.

“The next big problem is bending the grid structure of a puzzle around a compound curved object. This always gets strange when the vertical and horizontals converge on the top of the mask an chin area. The solution is to slowly trapezoid the square puzzle pieces. We made the German flag that Thomas represents slightly more dominant. All in all it should fit the team well.”

McCully’s main business is custom painting motorcycles, but he has done all the masks for Greiss dating back to his time with the Sharks – including some scary renditions in Arizona, Pittsburgh and New York. The duo have another new design coming for the upcoming season with the Islanders, as well.

McCully has also produced some memorable mask art for Justin Pogge and Curtis McElhinney over the years.

You can check out more of his masks on his website gallery, but in the meantime enjoy these close ups of the new mask for Greiss at the World Cup of Hockey that he kindly shared with InGoal:

Greiss WCOH mask backplate Greiss WCOH mask left side greiss WCOH mask right side Greiss WCOH mask top

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