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Tim Thomas’ 2011-2012 Bruins Mask

Tim Thomas’ 2011-2012 Bruins Mask

Black and White is back in Beantown

Tim Thomas' Black and White Mask made its debut last season and is one of the most unique designs in the game. Scott Slingsby photo.

The old adage is “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” and after one of the finest goaltending seasons on Record, Tim Thomas asked his artist Steve Nash of to give him essentially the same design he went with last year on his Sportmask MAGE helmet. Nash tells us it’s been “enhanced” a bit this year so look closely and let us know what you can spot in the comments below.

Much was said of the mask Thomas wore last season, including the rumour that went around suggesting he went with Black and White because of all the off-season trade talk and not knowing where he’d end up playing. That of course made little sense since all the imagery was Bruins and in fact if you place it side by side with his colour mask from two years ago, as we did in an article last season, you’ll see there are striking similarities.

The helmet and cage itself are the most unique in the game today (save, perhaps, Rick DiPietro continuing to wear the old-school helmet and cage) and if you didn’t see the InGoal Summer Magazine, we ran a full story on the design featuring comments from Tony Priolo who worked with Thomas to create what might also be the most functional helmet today.

Whatever you think, this mask is likely to go down as one of the iconic designs in the history of mask art in part because of the man who wears it but largely because its design was such a radical departure from anything we have seen before.

Nash wrote to InGoal,

“This “BEWARE of BEAR” design is an evolution of the concept that I created for Tim in 2006. It initially started out as a full-faced, open mouth layout and over the years has progressed into the paint scheme you now see featuring a growling bear on one side and a claw angrily tearing through the mask on the opposite side. Last year, we choose to go with monochromatic tones just to do something a little different. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to continue on with the same theme, making the graphics a little more aggressive for the 2011-2012 season.”

As always, thanks to Steve and Steph at EyeCandyAir for sharing this with InGoal readers. Head over to Facebook and Like them and start following their twitter feed! You can also click on the images to see EyeCandyAir’s Tim Thomas page.



Tim Thomas Black and White 2011-2012 Goalie Mask by

Tim Thomas Black and White 2011-2012 Goalie Mask by

Tim Thomas Black and White 2011-2012 Goalie Mask by

Tim Thomas Black and White 2011-2012 Goalie Mask by

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  1. Diz

    Would have nice if there was the Cup somewhere in the design.

  2. JordanB

    Carey Price should take that advice , Why would you change your pads let alone the brand after getting 2 franchise records one of which Ken dryden owned for 37 wins in season and then he goes with the p4’s like fuck man vaughn was doing goodd for you for how long w.e.

  3. 54324372346

    It seems like Timmy is a ‘Tallica Fan! 🙂

  4. Matt

    He might like Metallica, but he’s more of a ‘Merica fan.

  5. KJ

    Dude, seriously, “Don’t Tread on Me” is more than a Metallica song. Learn some American history. You’re embarrassing.

  6. JS

    Nah …. there is wayyyyy too much shadown !!!
    I would have prefere a lighter shadow and more close to the bears head just to give a little contrast so for far out it looks like a total white mask!!!