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Tim Thomas Black and White 2010-2011 Bruins Mask

Tim Thomas black and white bruins maskTim Thomas unveiled a new mask on the Bruins’ European tour that he will be wearing this season. While it is based on his traditional designs, it is radical in its execution.

It is becoming common for goalies to move to all or mostly white gear now – the feeling being that it gives a bigger look in the net. Think Fleury moving from yellow to all-white or Luongo from the Canucks blue and green to his all-white set adopted just prior to the 2010 Olympics.

Tim Thomas took on an all-white with black accents look this season – but with a radical new twist – his mask is done entirely in shades of grey.

There’s a common misconception that Thomas went with a black and white design because the Bruins were shopping him in the off-season and he didn’t know where he’d be playing. But look carefully in the design and you’ll see that the Bear from last season’s mask is still there – but hidden in shades of grey. The Bruins logo from the front is gone and a representation of the medallion he wears around his neck is now in its place. The chin has Tim’s personal TT logo on it this season and he has changed the back plate from the “Beware Of Bear” logo to an American flag with “Don’t Tread On Me’.’

Tim Thomas black and white bruins mask

Radically different, this year's design still reflects the look he sported last year.

Tim Thomas black and white bruins mask

Last season's design inspired the 2010-2011 black and white paint job.

The innovation didn’t stop at the paint job – by Steve Nash of – Tim has a bold new cage design that he now uses with his MAGE RS by Tony Priolo of Sportmask.

Tony spoke with InGoal recently telling us that Tim visited his factory in Oakville, Ontario during the summer to test a variety of cage designs. Tim settled on one that resembles the certified version used by college, junior and minor hockey goalies.

“Tim put on a number of different masks and I threw balls at him so he could decide which gave him the best vision – and this is the one we settled on.”

New Thomas Cage

The new cage - better vision, safer design

The cage doesn’t just give Tim better vision – it offers better protection as a stick blade can’t penetrate anywhere , unlike the cat-eye worn by other pros where “a stick blade can penetrate in three different places,” noted Priolo.

Tim’s early season resurgence (Tim was one of InGoal’s 3 goalie-stars in week one and is nominated again this week) no doubt has more to do with his return to health this year, but his mask and cage are getting a lot of attention. It will be interesting to see if he will be setting a trend with his new lid.

Tim Thomas Black and White MAsk 2001

Tim Thomas black and white mask

Tim Thomas Black and White MAsk 2001


Editor’s note: Sportmask will be offering “professional line”  with exact replicas of their pro masks soon – you’ll be able to wear the same mask that Cam Ward, Jonathan Quick and of course Tim Thomas wear in the NHL.

All photos copyright Scott Slingsby, all rights reserved.

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David Hutchison

David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.


  1. RBrown

    “It will be interesting to see if he will be setting a trend with his new lid.”

    Hope not. It’s ugly as sin.

  2. Daniel

    I’ve been using a sportmask “pro-cheater” cage for a few years now and the sightlines really are much better than a catseye, and indeed it is safer.
    The only downside is it doesn’t look as “cool”, but I’ll take better vision over fashion any day!

  3. Sean Salway

    I think that mask looks great. The cage is a little different but its good to see that someone is starting to think a little more towards safety. I also think that the white gear is like camoflouge in the net. It would not be as easy for a shooter to see net without the stark contrast of dark pads and white net.

  4. Kevin

    He looks like an amateur player from a beer league.

    • Muttley

      He sure as hell doesnt play like one.

    • Nina

      He can look like whoever he wants when he plays the way he does. My daughter is a goalie, and I can only hope she will be like him in every way!

  5. JS

    I would have put less “drop shadow” in the design and it would have been a bit better !

    But honestly thats a 10/10 !!!

    Bravo to the designer !

  6. BT32

    does anyone know why he doesn’t wear bauer gear anymore ???? (however i like the new reebok kinetic blocker)

  7. Keller

    This mask is Crap in my eyes. There is no expreshion? Its just dark and glomy. I didnt like he other mask but he should go back to that one or a totally new design, and a goalie in the NHL needs to have pads,blocker,glove and helmate that match the team colours and not wat the goalie wants.Every goalie can go balls out and design there mask the way they want but they need to incorporat the team in it in 2 ways the teamm logo and the team colour and Tim only has 1. So Tim change it and bring the team into the picture, there is a reason its a Team game.

  8. Zack00

    Where can I get that throat guard ?

  9. Bingo


    Do you think before you type? Did you not read and see that the bear is still on the mask? Also, there is white in the Bruins logo as well as black. It wasn’t too long ago that pads were one colour, brown. Kari Taco from the Minnesota North Stars was the first goalie with white pads. Who cares. I think it looks amazing.

    By the way, your grammar is shite. Less time on the net, more time in the books.

  10. Keller

    yea the bear is there so wat?? get the emblem of it put the Bruins logo back and get the yellow back in there.

  11. Corey Caponero

    I thought at first that it was a mask with the same stich scares as Gerry Cheevers as tribute to ole “Cheesy”. Until I got a closer look anyways. It looks ok, I think a tribute to “Cheesy” would have been better.

  12. Ryan

    Im agreeing with keller on this one, Goalies need to keep the team in the mask and pads!

    • Cam

      You do realize they have white in there uniforms, its not like he’s on an all yellow team.

    • Nina

      I prefer the team colors on it also, but black and white are our colors and when you play like Timmy I say let him design it! Good lord it’s a helmet not healthcare! And it does have a bear on it etc. I have bigger issues to worry about to be honest!

  13. Greg

    This is a great design. subtle and unique. It is definitely better than the overdone skull motif. As for the team colors, who cares. Black and white goes with everything, including the Bruins white jersey.

    Besides, there were rumors he was going to be traded earlier this year (before he started off on fire), so if he did get traded, this mask would have been fine anywhere he ended up.

  14. boog

    corny as xxxx!looks like the junk mike liut wore.

  15. jordan

    I really do think that this is a fantastic design. After this Vezina-worthy season, he just might start a trend in hockey.

  16. thebadgogo

    Illiteracy makes me feel very glomy. The guy who is going to hell with me, my helmate, agrees. And “wat” is hell, really, but a place where everyone is mercilessly bitten by incorporats and people can’t ever find a damn apostrophe when they need one?

  17. David Hutchison

    Seriously guys? I think it’s great that people get involved and comment – but let’s keep it on hockey and not a treatise on literacy and grammar. While those things may annoy you, I’d prefer that we encourage people to add their comments and not live in fear of someone calling them out and trying to make them look small. What exactly do you, or we, gain from making fun of someone’s grammar?

  18. thebadgogo

    Calls ’em like I sees ’em, where I sees ’em. If not where I sees ’em, then where?

    Tell me ” nowhere” if you want, but the rapid disintegration of our language is everyone’s problem. It needs to be addressed.

    Sorry, David, but if I see something as egregious as the above, I’m going to say something. It may be a lost cause but I’m not going down without a fight.

  19. The Truth

    The reason he went all-white in pads and mask is because he didn’t know where he would end up this year. He came into the season as a backup to Rask and many were surprised to see him on the B’s roster at all when the puck dropped in October. All white meant that he wouldn’t have to change anything if/when he was traded. Instead, Rask struggled and Thomas was a Vezina and Conn Smythe candidate. If he was the clear starter this year I’m sure we’d have seen a black and yellow design.

    That said, I think his mask looks great and I hope more guys go this way.

  20. mistyinvt

    Gotta have one for my grandson. His dream is to play hockey for the University of VT and become the next Tim Thomas. Starting his climb to his goal by going to the 2nd year of Timmy’s hockey camp. Go Bruins!!

  21. Matt Thompson

    Anyone wanna tell me where I could buy Tim’s helmet? Or maybe a jersey for a good price?

    • tom waaler

  22. Gabbie

    I Love the mask and I think that the strength it took for him to write in God we trust was awsome and paid off for him in the end as he went on to win the Stanley Cup and MVP and hopfully the vesna as well 🙂 God Bless you Thomas. GO BRUINS!!!!

  23. Gabbie

    I ment vezina lol 🙂

  24. Nathaniel

    For all of you making the claim that it’s white for the fear of being traded, I fear for YOU and your illiteracy as you must not have read the very article you are posting on. Tim went white to create the illusion that there was an opening in the net for the shooter that’s not really there.if it were for fear of being traded he would not have put the logo n it at all. this white trend is common for many goalies now. Any other goalies and fans notice the color of the ice and boards? Chew on that a bit.and although it’s not cats eye I can’t help but like great players standing out through great play and unique equipment.and if the color is for the forcing of bad shots and great saves, he is helping the TEAM keller

    • Robert

      The logo isnt on the helmet anymore. he drained the color because of the trade rumors. why else would he drain the color from his pads too? shooters are blind, they can see his mask

  25. Justin

    This mask is amazing. The Don’t Tread On Me symbol makes it probably one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.