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Rask Brings More Tom Brady to Winter Classic Mask

Rask Brings More Tom Brady to Winter Classic Mask

RASK 1Yesterday, we got our first look at Montreal Canadiens interim starter Mike Condon’s mask design for the Winter Classic – and unsurprisingly, the Massachusetts native paid homage to his favorite NFL team.

Now, Tuukka Rask’s design (which will presumably debut across the ice from Condon’s) has been revealed… and sure enough, we’ve got more Tom Brady hitting the ice for the outdoor game.

Rask’s mask is painted by Montreal-based airbrush artist Sylvie Marsolais, who also worked with newly acquired Canadiens backup Ben Scrivens to create his Winter Classic mask design.

In a similar theme to Condon’s mask, Rask features an airbrushed likeness of Tom Brady incorporated within his design; with more of a Patriots player-based theme to his concept, though,

Rask’s mask offers Brady on one side and Rob Gronkowski on the other. There’s even a nod to kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who’s seen in action behind Gronk, and jack-of-all-trades wide receiver Julian Edelman rounding out the trio on the right side of the design.

RASK 4The top is an animated depiction of Pat Patriot, New England’s iconic mascot, standing ready to play, while reflective images sketched of Gillette Stadium and the crowds can be faintly seen behind the Patriots players.

The best part of the mask for a Massachusetts sports fan will be hard to find. The wintry theme of the mask – which is darker hued than backup Jonas Gustavsson’s gold-based mask, debuted earlier this morning as well – is peppered with snowflakes and impressively highlighted with well-placed gold accents. The back of the mask, though, provides all the nostalgia an outdoor game needs: it’s a sketch of the old Boston Garden.

“The Bruins ordered us to paint a realistic Patriots tribute,” Marsolais said. “A lot of sketching and tweaking went in that paint job. On the forehead you can see Pat the Patriots mascot holding a Winter Classic puck. In the background you can see the Gillette Stadium with Winter Classic reflective logos. For the rest the painting speaks for itself, with Brady, Gostkowski, Gronkowski and Edelman. On the backplate you can see the old Boston Garden.”

For more information about Marsolais and her designs, you can follow her on Twitter or visit her website. In the meantime, check out all these up-close images of the new mask Marsolais shared with InGoal:








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