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Tyler Beskorowany, Dallas Stars, 2011-2012

Tyler Beskorowany, Dallas Stars, 2011-2012

Mask artist Dave Gunnarsson about Beskorowany’s mask:

“When Tyler told me what he wanted on his new mask I was totally thrilled. He wanted a tribute design for his two musician heroes, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. I couldn´t wait to get started…. It was so incredible fun to paint this design. One side is dedicated to Cash, and the other side to Nelson. I wanted it to be a worthy and clean design, in the same style as the awesome music of the artists.”

Each side features iconic images of the two legendary musicians and the black and white color scheme adds a retro feel to the mask.


The mask is divided by a surprising burst of color down the middle of the mask: a green falling star speeding through the night sky, something that Tyler wanted as part of his design.

Dave continues talking about creating the mask by saying, “I love to change style in paint, depending on the theme and what feeling I want to bring into the design. Just as usual the design is packed with extreme detail work to be discovered all over the design, many of them created with metallic and only visible when seen live.”

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  1. Jake Coste

    As a longtime big fan of Daveart’s work I have been recently disappointed with his newer masks. After looking at some of his newer masks like this one, Vokoun’s POTUS lid and Sergei Bobrovsky’s winter mask, I realized he isn’t painting the whole mask anymore. Instead he is using a Gel Image Transfer for portraits and other images that even myself ( a non-artist) has done in a high school art class. All you do is spread a coating of Acrylic Gel Medium on a printed image and in 24 hours you wash the paper off while the ink sticks to the mask. Don’t believe me, watch Youtube. Anyway, I went off on a tangent but I want dave art to go back to painting/ airbrushing and to stop cheating us and the other goalies with simple & cheap art techniques.

  2. Paul Ipolito

    Jake- Thanks. I have been wondering how these guys did such amazing artwork with an airbrush.Now I know.

    • Jake Coste

      PAUL–Not every artist does it this way, actually I have only noticed that DAVEART does it with that. That is why it’s disappointing because he has like one goalie from every team in the league. And he isn’t even really painting them completely like all the other painters.

  3. Karl Van

    Jake’s statements about DAVEART technique is simply not true. Gunnarsson uses the old fashioned air brush and hand painting method. No tricks or cheating other than his god given talent and creativity.

  4. Jake Coste

    @ Karl Van… I recently went to a hardware store earlier this week and decided to try it myself. I followed the youtube steps and also asked the storekeeper for his advice. After showing him some DAVEART pics with this effect he agreed with me. I was able to get the same results DAVEART did with the photographs. I am in no way a painter or artist so of course I can’t add the effects to blend it in, but I can prove the technique that is being used. For the record I am not bashing Gunnarson, I would just like him to stick to painting and not to trying these PROVEN cheater techniques.

  5. Kevin


    I think you need to take a step back and think about Dave Art, there’s a reason he does such a high percentage of the masks in the NHL. If you think you are looking over the designs in depth ask yourself how much NHL players and equipment managers talk about the paint and painters. There’s no way that Dave is doing anything artificial, he provides all his guys with updates and in progress paint pics you don’t see. He’s the reference all the other painters are trying to reach and because of that he ends up with hate like your post. But hey like you said, your no artist…stick to the hardware store.


  6. Jake Coste

    KEV– This conversation seems to be going in a direction I was hoping to avoid since I was not bashing DaveArt. I was simply stating my opinion of what type of work I liked from him. With that being said, that does not change the fact that I am correct in the way he is creating the art for the mask. He isn’t “airbrushing” all the images which is a fact whether anyone chooses to agree or not. He doesn’t do this method with every mask which is great, but I am only pointing out that I see it more and that isn’t what I prefer. It seems like his masks are also on this site a lot more than any other painter. As a fan of his art that is awesome which is why again I see more of his “shortcut/cheater” method for lack of a better term. Since I do not see a lot of other artist work on this site I can only compare to what see on there sites and from what I have seen they do not do the same thing as Gunnarson. Also, as far as your last comment I find it rather ignorant for you to post “But hey like you said, your no artist…stick to the hardware store.”, because you do not need to be an artist to appreciate art and the techniques that are used to complete a piece. I would imagine that you are not an artist yourself so your opinion would be as valuable as mine so do not undermine my statements unless you have tried it yourself.