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Viktor Fasth as Mr. Bane Duck on New Anaheim Mask

Viktor Fasth as Mr. Bane Duck on New Anaheim Mask

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask Right:ChinViktor Fasth has turned a lot of heads in Anaheim this season, winning his first eight NHL games as a 30-year-old rookie to earn a two-year, $5.4-million contract extension from the Ducks. His new mask is sure to turn a few more heads now.

Painted by popular Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who created Fasth’s first mask back in the 1990s, the edgy new mask has added a Bane mask to the beak of the Duck on his last mask.

“With this Anaheim Ducks mask put on Viktor is transformed into a badass Duck, just as on his previous Ducks masks,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook Page. “On those masks the duck used an old school mask … Now he have removed the old school mask, and put on the cruelest mask ever, the Bane mask! I wouldn’t dare to meet this scary dude a dark night, and the electrified lightnings in the background are colored in Ducks orange.”

Fasth, who won consecutive Swedish Elite League Goalie of the Year awards before coming over after and NHL bidding war last summer, has barely skipped a beat all season, pitching a shutout of Calgary Friday night to improve to 10-1-1 with a .929 save percentage this season.

Enjoy the closeups of Fasth’s stunning new mask and be sure to check out more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and on his Twitter feed. And for all the new masks in the NHL this season, be sure to visit InGoal’s mask page:

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask Right Side

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask Top

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask Left Side

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask Right:Chin

Viktor Fasth Mr Bane Duck Mask All 4 Views

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  1. mike

    I have no idea what I am looking at. Ok, so I googled Bane mask, a Batman character? So Fasth didn’t get the memo cartoon masks are out and old school big graphics with hidden details are in? Just joking, good for him to go with what he likes. But I would like to see more artists with different concepts doing NHL masks, like Hiller who is willing to try different things.
    I wonder if the painted cage is just for the photo shoot or will that be the game model? Kind of cool.

    • Peter

      He briefly used a half-and-half White and Orange cage, and then switched to all white later on. I’m pretty sure he’s using the painted mask in games though.

  2. Dan

    his last mask featured a painted cage briefly before he switched to all white

  3. Keith

    The concept is interesting if a bit of a reach, connecting Bane’s mask with a duck is rather obscure. I find the mask design really confusing to look at but the execution is excellent as is to be expected from Dave. Like Mike said I am wondering about the painted cage as well? Is that only for the photos?

  4. ghost rider

    the painted mask cage sort of, in my opinion is a stupid idea because when he looks at the puck from his right side he sees orenge

  5. Matty

    The painted cage is something he has done before. He has toned it down now probably because he got chirped so hard in the show for it. Also the inside of his cage is white so all he is gping to see is white. He is pretty sick and I hope to see more of him.