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Win Johan Hedberg’s Rangers Mask by DaveArt

Win Johan Hedberg’s Rangers Mask by DaveArt
Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask leftJohan Hedberg didn’t last long with the Rangers, but his short stint in New York can still have a lasting impact.
Despite being on a tryout with the Rangers after Martin Biron missed the opening of camp, Hedberg had another one of his now-famous Moose masks painted by fellow Swede and longtime personal painter  David Gunnarsson of DaveArt. With the tryout over and no need for the Rangers-themed mask, Hedberg and Gunnarsson decided to auction it off to benefit BarnCancerFonden, a Swedish foundation fighting children´s cancer.
That’s right – you can own a DaveArt mask painted for a veteran NHL goaltender and help fight children’s cancer at the same time. E-mail your bid to [email protected]. The auction closes 15th of October.

Did we mention this mask transforms Hedberg’s Moose character into Snake Plissken, the Kurt Russel character from the 1981 movie Escape from New York. No wonder Gunnarrson believes it may be the coolest Moose mask ever.

“The mask is just as in the movie,” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “New York in the future, a bad future and New York is damaged and built into a prison! You see the prison walls there on each side with the NYR shield on it. But nothing can hold Moose Plissken, he just breaks through the wall, and bricks are flying all over. Of course he has his eye patch and leather jacket, and huge gun, just as the Plissken he is. And check out the gun closely, it not only has laser sight, check out the name of the gun, it is a Mooze Uzi. On the other side you see the liberty statue fallen into pieces, just as in the movie… and hey there is also a Wanted poster, they are trying to catch Moose Plissken! Watch out!”

Gunnarsson transformed the chin into “New York street life,” with a street and a classic red fire hydrant, and a steaming manhole of course.

“100% New York,” Gunnarsson wrote. “I just love to paint action, and extreme details, and create new Moose characters, and create story telling designs, and here you have it all. Thanks Moose! Love to be your painter! We have been working together now for 16 years!”

This time it’s for a great cause. Be sure to enter your bid before October 15.

Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask left


Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask right


Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask low right


Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask top left


Johan Hedberg Moose Rangers Mask Poster

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  1. Warren Shapiro

    It’s too bad Moose is out of a job. The mask alone is worth a bunch a great saves. Or as one broadcaster would say “Great save and a beauty” I hope he finds work.

  2. Mike roza

    Hope I win!!

  3. Adam

    I play goalie and need a new helmet Johan Hedberg is my favorite goalie.
    Hope I win

  4. Ernest

    Awesome mask

  5. Drew Deics

    This would be great to win,
    keeping a 6’1″ 15 year old in gear is getting to expensive. good luck to all