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Goalie Mindset Power


There isn’t a qualified goalie coach anywhere who would tell you to use the Reverse VH position, and then not show you – carefully and methodically – how to do it, when to do it, and why it works. But there are well-meaning coaches everywhere who will tell you to visualize success and be mentally prepared, yet never show you exactly how to do it, when to do it, and why it works.


Peter Fry and Eli Wilson are changing that, with a ground breaking 30-day program dedicated entirely to helping goaltenders create a mindset that will guarantee results. Goalie Mindset Power is based on three decades of research into goaltending success, examining the habits and traits of winning goaltenders at all ages and levels.

“When it comes to goaltending, the Mental Part is the most important, most crucial part of the game”
— Eli Wilson

Imagine how great it will feel to step on the ice knowing you are going to win, having that incredible feeling of total confidence, before you even make a save. You simply know you can – and will – stop the puck and win the game. You know it, your team knows it, and the other team senses it too. That’s the ultimate sense of confidence.

This feeling of “Total Confidence” is just one of the critical mindset takeaways you will get when you do Goalie Mindset Power

Goalie Mindset Power isn’t just about winning hockey games, it’s about winning over the course of a career and a lifetime. You’ll develop the ability to set and achieve short-term and long-term goals, plan your season and career, and prepare for tryouts with total confidence. What you learn with Goalie Mindset Power will make you a better goaltender for sure, but it will also make you a stronger and more successful individual, on and off the ice, for years to come.

These are the mental techniques used by professional goalies. They are the lessons that Peter Fry shares with his personal clients as they prepare for training camps, tryouts, championship games, and draft day.

“Your Goalie Mindset needs training the same as your on ice skills need training. How can you master goalie skills without a system and training? How can you master your goalie mindset without a system and training?”
— Peter Fry

The Goalie Mindset Power program is the full meal deal when it comes to strengthening your mindset for life. The program comes with an MP3 Player loaded with 30 days of audio trainings, a 125 -page workbook, motivational posters, homework segments, online references, and a personal connection with two of the most renowned experts in goaltender preparation and on-ice training, Peter Fry and Eli Wilson. Each audio chapter approaches a different aspect of your goalie mindset, including:

  • How to Think Big!
  • How To use Visualization to stop more pucks!
  • How To change your beliefs to help you dominate in any league you want to dominate in!
  • How to use anchoring to bring you confidence whenever you need it.
  • How To Prepare for games.
  • How to plan for your season, a training camp and even how to plan for your goalie career.
  • Dealing with a negative coach
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • How to never be puck-shy, in fact how to absolutely love getting hit with the puck!
  • How to focus and concentrate in order to win the toughest, highest pressure games!
  • How to have the mindset in practice that will allow you to excel in games!
  • Training camp and tryout preparation


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You are 30 days away from having a pro goalie mindset and experiencing unprecedented levels of self-confidence. You’ll feel the results internally, and you and your teammates will see them on the ice.

Goalie Mindset Power – makes a fantastic Christmas gift for the goaltender in your world, and it is a perfect mid-season program to help you make the most of your season, prepare for playoffs, and hit spring and summer ID camps and combines with a professional goalie mindset that will set you apart.

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Achieve a new level of confidence and success.

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