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The One Big Mental Toughness Skill That Sets Tom Brady Apart From Other Athletes

Today we bring you the first article from Pete Fry, The Goalie Mindset Guy, who specializes in helping goaltenders of all ages take their game to the next level. We’ve worked closely with Pete before and are happy to welcome him to InGoal Magazine today. Look for more from Pete in the coming weeks and months.

Like him or not, Tom Brady is the envy of every quarterback and most athletes. They would love to have his level of success. I don’t know if you are a fan or not of Tom Brady, but I do know that as “The Goalie Mindset Guy”, it is my job to break down what Tom Brady is doing at the mental level, so that my clients can replicate it. Here is the one big Mental Toughness Skill that Tom Brady has and I’ve broken it down and given you a system to replicate it.

The one big mental toughness skill that Tom Brady has is his disregard for OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS about himself unless they serve him: Tom Brady does not let other peoples opinions of himself become his reality. He is stronger and tougher in his own mind and with his own vision of himself that other peoples opinions don’t matter to him unless they are positive opinions of him and actually serve him.

Dylan Ferguson of the Kamloops Blazers going through a visualization routine with Pete.

As a goalie, you are always being judged and you are usually given other peoples opinions about you and your skill, work ethic, size, potential whether you want them or not, whether they are good or bad. Whether they empower you or not.

When Tom Brady was drafted to the NFL he was overlooked the first five rounds and there were 6 quarterbacks drafted ahead of him. Upon meeting the owner of the team that drafted him, the New England Patriots, Tom put out his hand and said “nice to meet you I’m Tom Brady” Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots said back, “Yes, I know who who you are, you are our sixth round draft choice”. Brady replied back, “Yes, and I am the best decision, this organization has ever made”. As Tom looked the team owner in the eyes with a laser like focus. You see, Tom Brady didn’t see himself as the teams 6th round draft choice. He saw himself as the best decision the Patriots ever made. The sixth round draft choice was just “an opinion” in Tom Brady’s mind and he was better than that. “What do those guys know?” Brady later said of the scouts.

Do you have an image in your mind of who you are as a goaltender?

Are you going to let someone else’s opinion of you be your reality? No matter how powerful or influential of a position that person is in. I don’t think so. You are better than that. Now, it is easy for me to tell you not to let other peoples opinions of you bother you or even become your reality but you need a strategy to do this so that you have success with it. The strategy I’m going to give you is very simple. Fill up your mind with your opinion of yourself. Make it a great one! Hold a crystal clear image in your head of who you are (this can be who you want to be in the future or even an image of an idol like a Carey Price or Braden Holtby). What picture do you hold of yourself? Do you have one? An image in your mind of who you are going to become? If you don’t then you need to learn from Tom Brady and form that image and make it a great one. If you don’t have that image clear in your mind then it becomes way too easy to accept other peoples opinions of yourself as reality. To take this one step further. Put together the image of yourself, print it out and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. If you see yourself playing on the number 1 team in your hockey association in the future then put together a picture of you (use photoshop if you must) in that jersey.

You will walk into the picture you hold of yourself. Make it a great one just like Tom Brady did.

Pete Fry “The Goalie Mindset Guy”

Goalie Mindset Coach For The Pro’s, Pete Fry is the Author of Goalie Mindset Power, the Complete 30 day program for goalies. He is also the Author of the book Goalie Mindset Secrets - which he is giving away free to our readers. Just follow this link to get your copy today.

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Pete Fry

Author, Speaker and Professional Goalie Mindset Consultant, Pete Fry takes goalies to the next level by working with their Mindset. On the ice and a big part of every Eli Wilson goaltending camp, Fry utilizes proprietary mental training techniques developed from over 30 years of research and goaltender development, Fry shows goalies exactly how to do to visualize success and be mentally prepared, when to do it, and why it works using a ground breaking 30-day program.

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