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The BHL Life – Does our Hero get his NHL Shot?

The BHL Life – Does our Hero get his NHL Shot?

BHL Life JPEGThe BHL Life is back again, and this time our hero, two-time BHL Champion Kane Van Gate, gets pranked by his teammates into believing the scouts are watching him – and then he gets a real call from NHL goalie coach Mitch Korn.

Spawned by the success of the BHL 36: Kane Van Gate documentary, the BHL Life is an ongoing and often hilarious glimpse into the life of the delusiona … err … legendary beer leagu … err … aspiring professional goaltender, and his teammates in the BHL – “the most competitive senior men’s league in the world.”

You can find all four of the shorter episodes at the Hockey Shorties Youtube page, including cameos from real … err … fellow professional goaltenders.

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Maybe you have to be Canadian to appreciate Kane, but these are a total waste of bandwidth.

    • Steve McKichan

      To quote the great Bill Murray, “Lighten up Francis.”

      Our Canadian comic sensibilities are world renowned.

      As a former NHL goalie coach and scout I have been following Kane’s career.

      With a little tweaking from me, He could start for the Oilers.

      • Kane Van Gate

        Should I book a one way to Edmonton?

  2. Kane Van Gate


    I totally agree with you…these episodes should be on cable tv. Please be patient. 🙂

  3. Paul Ipolito

    Kane- I’m looking forward to it. I will put them next to my Wayne and Shuster collection. Please do an episode at a goalie school somewhere in SW Ontario. Maybe Joe Bowen could narrate. That would be awesome huh Francis?

  4. Paul Ipolito

    Kaner, Kansie, Gator- Forget what I said about the SW Ontario goalie school. I think it would be better to film future episodes in Quebec. Down here in the States we believe the best goalie schools are in Quebec. That way too you can be bilingual and say “Lighten up, Francois” I’d give some thought to Colorado also. They have good beer and some good goaltending and goalie coaching around Denver. Good luck, keep your stick in the five-hole and activate your gloves! If all else fails you can always drop and block.


    • Steve McKichan

      He should probably stick to Canada, he may need health care…..
      Training is very dangerous.

  5. peter pan

    This series is epic. Keep up the good work Kane I love watching these shows

  6. Kane Van Gate

    Thanks for the support, everyone! Even for the guy who called me “Gator.”

    Anyways, I’ve always been a huge fan of InGoal magazine, so to be featured in it is humbling, yet not surprising after winning back-to-back tee titles.

    Keep dominating the crease, tendies!


    Kane VG

  7. Bill Ridgley

    Kanerrrrr! Just watched all the episodes…pretty funny stuff. I would snipe you glove side all day though…

  8. Paul Ipolito

    Everyone? I guess you do have a sense of humour