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24 Hours of Hockey

Hey all coming at you this week with a little change up. I will continue the ins and outs of goalie gear soon, but this was something I wanted to get out to the hockey community. It’s for a great cause and it is going to be a LOT of fun!

24 Hours of Hockey Logo


What is it?

24 Hours of Hockey is a charity hockey event  that runs for 24 straight hours! This year it is slated to start at 8am on May 22nd, and continue to 8am May 23rd! At least 48 brave players  will hit the ice for 24 hours of non stop hockey action to show support for less fortunate children.

What’s it for?

The organizer, Robb Moody is now in to his fourth year running the event to help raise funds for the Aurora Children’s Hospital.  The previous 3 years he has been able to raise a whopping $115,000!! All donations go directly to help children who need it! Who could ask for a better cause?

Ian Lapperriere

Craig Anderson

Ian Lapperiere is just one of the NHL players that has stopped by to say hello and show their support.  This year The Colorado Avalanche’s starting goalie Craig Anderson will be stopping by to say hello!

Can you help?

There are several ways you can help.

  • If you live in the Littleton Colorado area (Event is being held at The Edge Ice Arena), stop in and show your support. Check out the event and say hello! Any support we can get for these kids will be awesome!
  • The 2nd way you can help is by donating to the Children’s Hospital. (Help raise funds here!) Even if it is $1 dollar, everything helps! Also for all of you that donate $10 or more, you are entered in a chance to win various items that have been donated to the cause (Prizes). All donations from the link above go directly to the Children’s hospital fund. They are tax deductible, and you get a receipt emailed to you immediately.

Are YOU Playing?

I will be out there bright and early Sat May 22nd at 8am!!! I am slated to play in the 8am-8pm shift on Saturday.

If you can make it out there, please stop by and say hello! I would love to meet any and all of you that are willing to show support for this cause! Look for me in the white and black Reebok gear. I will more than likely be wearing a tux for this cause as well (Look for the tuxedo jersey!)

I will also be handing out InGoalMag fliers at the event when I am not on the ice!

Hope to see some of you out there!!

About The Author

Kris VanWagner

Kris is a current rec league tender, who used to try and survive in the college and semi pro ranks. He also is a goaltending coach working with all levels of goaltenders. He also dabbles with gear repair, and modification.He spends his spare time writing for inGoal, and thinking non stop about hockey.


  1. Nick H.

    I’m in Littleton, I might do that. I wish I could play, but I’m a roller-goalie!

  2. Kris

    stop by and say hello, its going to be a fun time for sure! I have heard that Craig Anderson is stopping by around 6pm on Sat the 22nd if you would like to try and see him.


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