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AHL Goalie Leggio Knocks Net Off to Avoid 2-on-0

AHL Goalie Leggio Knocks Net Off to Avoid 2-on-0

Bridgeport Sound Tigers goalie David Leggio has faced enough 2-on-0 rushes in his career to know they don’t usually end well.

So when Leggio was faced with another during a game against Springfield over the weekend, he decided to even up the odds a little.

Rather than try and track the inevitable tic-tac-toe back and forth he was about to face, Leggio simply turned around and knocked his own net off its moorings, knowing that the resulting penalty – in this case a penalty shot – for delay of game was a better option. Check out the result in the video below:

Leggio explained the decision – and it was clearly thought out – to the Connecticut Post after the game, telling reporter Michael Fornabaio he had faced a 2-on-0 five or six times and only stopped one or two.

It’d happened to him at the World Championship in the spring against Russia, and Viktor Tikhonov scored. He didn’t want to face another.

“I thought there was a better percentage chance of stopping one guy instead of two,” Leggio said.

Leggio, an eight-year pro who also runs his own goalie school, had a little fun with it on Twitter Monday:

Leggio Tweet

So goalies what do you think? Another sign we’re the smartest guys on the ice, and the start of a trend that may require a rule revision, or just poor sportsmanship by Leggio?

Let us know how you see this play by Leggio in the comments below.

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  1. Howard Schuster

    It is a display of superior intelligence and a great education at Clarkson University.

    • Brody

      Just make it an automatic goal then it will not happen. If you throw your stick I think that is an automatic goal.

    • Paul Smith

      Go Knights!

  2. Chris

    great idea, thrown my stick at shots I knew I could not save to try & draw PS, not happened often but got one or two,, only problem is that his more blatant and ill advised decision to tweet about ii will cause it to be outlawed,,it was not in gray area of bumping net off or even my last ditch attempt to make save and could even be called unsportsmanlike conduct by some stretch of logic,,

    • CWard

      It’s a smart move but incredibly unsportsmanlike… Using this in a one off AHL game won’t draw any attention but if this went on in the NHL they would probably change the rules to include a game misconduct.

  3. BeninLondon

    The problem with throwing your stick at the puck is that the play continues until the puck is touched by your team so it doesn’t solve the 2-0 issue. This one made me smile and is a great use of the rules in his favour; the late great Roger Neilson would be very proud of this move.

  4. Mike

    Was it worth it? Did they score on the penalty shot? That would answer if it was worthwhile or not!

  5. Steve

    Now that a new way to circumvent the rules has been found the AHL will have to create a new rule. In this case when done by the goalie maybe a penalty shot AND a two minute minor.

  6. Nick R

    Smart move, never would’ve thought to do this. Also bad sportsmanship and something that should never be allowed to happen again. A rule change to award an automatic goal (like when you take a penalty defending your empty net) in this situation will probably be happening.

  7. Monty Normamd

    Brilliant but Tacky…. Very Tacky.

  8. TonyBoomBots

    Kids a genius…kids a damn genius…do it

  9. Dave

    This play should have never been allowed and they should have allowed goal or called a delay of game penalty

  10. Dave

    There will be a rule change coming real soon

  11. Mike

    I don’t like this at all. Remember the discussion/article about goalies being disliked, even not trusted, on some deep down part of the hockey fan’s psyche? A goalie “denies” a shooter, a goalie “steals” a game, etc.

    In youth hockey, as a goalie parent, I am constantly dealing with uninformed parents, at best, and sometimes outright hostility towards goalies. My constant pet peeve is parents screaming “the goalie pushed the net off!!”. A lot of rinks have bad pins, I have to explain that goalies hate nets that come off, that they need a solid post to push off and to seal against.

    The above goalie coach TEACHES pushing the net off?! YUCK! Thanks for setting goalies back. How about teaching tripping when the refs not looking? How about cheap shots behind the play as the ref skates away?

    • Lisa

      @ Mike Sorry but he was being sarcastic in the tweet… he doesn’t teach the kids to do that… that’s why he also included something as silly as “patching bad ice when you’re tired.” He was making a joke.

  12. Paddy

    Here we come another rule change or maybe a fine????

  13. KBR

    I have been to a good number of Sound Tigers games with my 8 year-old son who fanatically loves hockey, admires goalies and loves training to become a goalie. (Although admittedly we’re a Rangers/Lundqvist family rather than an Islanders family, I like, or at least don’t dislike, the Sound Tigers.) Watched this replay just after coming home from hockey practice where my son’s coaches always try to instill in him and the other young players the value of sportsmanship. Ugh. Look, I intellectually understand the better odds of facing a penalty shot than a 2-0 break, but after watching this replay together, I had to try to explain to an 8-yr-old hockey lover how this could ever be seen by any coach or goalie as OK, This was NOT strategy. This was unsportsmanlike conduct. This was bush-league. Below even beer-league. Tip for Leggio and others: if an 8-yr-old who loves the sport and is loves learning to play goalie thinks you looked afraid and disrespectful to the sport, then you probably did. His 5-yr-old sister who watches the 1st period of whatever game is on that night and can name every Ranger, and some Islanders, thought you looked silly. Please change the rules so this gets awarded a penalty shot, followed by a minimum 2 or 5 minute for unsportsmanlike conduct. Make it a major if you want. Let them light the lamp as many times as they can for 5 mins and drive his GAA up a few points. Maybe that would stop this silliness. I’m sorry that some defensive breakdown by your teammates put you in the position of having to face a 2-0 break. You’re right. Have a talk to your teammates about that. But if you’re too scared to dig in and face a 2 on 0, then you probably should not be getting paid by any team at any level of professional hockey. Just 2-cents from 2 huge hockey fans, old and young alike.

  14. Ryan

    I have been thinking about this play for a while now. I had thought of doing this before, but came to the conclusion I didn’t have the guts to pull it off in a game. On that point it did take some courage to do this: if he played the 2-0 normally he was likely to be scored on and nobody would blame him for the goal no matter how badly he played it. Doing as he did, there would have been a lot of pressure to stop the penalty shot after pulling the net push move. Between the whistle and the penalty shot his mind must have been racing, I would have trouble regaining concentration needed for the penalty shot. For this reasoning I decided I would not pull this move in a game, though I do appreciate him trying it, opens up this discussion. To those who say it was bad sportsmanship, you have a point, but so many other plays that are common in sports could be seen the same way; Football QBs throwing the ball away when under pressure or even spiking the ball, pitchers pitching out cretin batters, in basketball they fowl guys (Shaq) giving them free throws instead of letting them take the contested shot.

    His tweet made me like the guy even more, well player sir.

  15. Ken

    I give credit to the guy for his creativity in finding a way to circumvent the rules, but I can’t imagine myself doing it in a game — it’s not only unsportsmanlike, but cowardly, and wouldn’t be worth the ridicule you’d face from the other team. I have some unique, unconventional habits compared to most goalies, but throwing the net off in advance is pushing it too far (no pun intended).

  16. brock

    haha my goalie coach told me to do this one time

  17. brock

    people should stop getting mad about this the guy is pretty clever