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Alex Auld’s New Mask

Alex Auld’s New Mask

Montreal backup now wearing tribute to Plante, Roy and Dryden – “1+29+33 Gardiens Legendaire des Canadiens”


Montreal’s Alex Auld, who sat down to answer InGoal readers’ questions some time ago, has a fantastic new helmet created by Dave Gunnarsson of who has titled the design “1+29+33 Gardiens Legendaire des Canadiens.” It features tributes to Montreal greats Jacques Plante, Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden – whose iconic mask design takes up the left side of Auld’s new helmet. InGoal was in Boston last night just a few days after Auld received the helmet to grab some photos.

Alex Auld New Mask Montreal Tribute

photo by Scott Slingsby

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Gunnarsson describes the work:

The side painted as Dryden’s classic mask features red and blue lines running around the mask forming something like a shooting target on the white base. Inside the red and blue lines I have created a design in the design, with paintings of Dryden and his number. The paintings are created in Old School Oil Paint Tech like classic drawings made with classic brush. I was inspired by the big classic artists. Alex wanted the motifs created with this technique, and it goes perfect with the theme.

Alex Auld Montreal New MAsk

In the white base you also see a motif of Dryden where he stands in his classic pose leaning on the stick. And on the forehead of the mask you see a motif of the old classic Montreal Forum. The Canadiens logo is painted as a pattern in the white bringing a 3-D feeling to the whole. All these details you see when you look close, from far this side of the mask is a tribute to Dryden’s classic mask.

On the other side the red and blue lines are opened up with flying 3-D effects. Here the Canadiens logo is painted big and powerful with a great depth. Again I have created a design inside the design with a classic motif of Roy making a save. The motif is painted with brush in old classic style, in a cool subtle way. You can also see his number.

Alex Auld new mask Montreal

Over the logo I have also created a big layout with Plante and his number, the famous picture of when he’s putting his mask on and his jersey is bloodied, and with plasters on the nose. Of course also this motif is created with Old School Oil Paint Tech, in blue tints and with playing lines.

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  1. Kevin

    F— YEAH!

  2. Nick H.

    Holy s—, I think this is Dave’s best mask yet! His design should satisfy the old-school fans of the big bold lines that make a basic design and the newer fans who enjoy the intricate small details that can only be seen close up. WOW!

  3. Sylvain

    WOW is one of the most beautifull mask since a long time ! Wow

  4. David M. Logan

    Excellent design ! .. however another Habs goalie that should be included , is George Vezina , he had the first NHL shutout , and definitely George Hainsworth with 22 Shutouts in one season which still stands as a record today as well as 3 Vezina trophies and a couple of Stanley Cups.

  5. Lesley Meisner

    I think they should be Aulds’ heroes..not ours. Plante, first nhl goalie to ever wear a mask, Ken Dryden, goalie for 7 stanley cups for “les Canadiens”, and of course Patrick Roy..:) Awesome..beautiful work..wonderful idea..great thought into the process. WTG to artist and wearer. GO HABS!

  6. Louis

    Hands down, this is the nicest mask in the NHL today! Very impressive work! I saw a glimpse of it on RDS tonight when I tuned into the game and immediately came to the computer to see if it was posted on I only saw the left side on TV and thought it was just simply a Ken Dryden throw-back, but after seeing the right side and all the intricate details, I… wow!

  7. David Hutchison

    Glad to hear so many people love the mask – it’s one of my favs too for sure. Dryden was a major reason why I became a goalie. @Louis – great to hear you head straight to InGoal when you see a new mask! Another great job by Scott for his amazing photography!

  8. Nathan Hols-VanHumbeck

    I LOVE all of Alex’s masks. They all scream Montreal Canadiens. Beautiful works of art.

  9. Derek

    How about a front-on view, for the full effect? I thought I was looking at two different masks, from these pix!

    [email protected]

  10. Russell M.

    Habs suck.

  11. Zak

    Holy s— yeah

  12. Rickman

    Brings a tear to my eye! Not really, but simply beautiful. Put’s Prices Plante design to shame, or any masks that Price has worn yet! Job well done Mr Hutchison…


  13. Wolf

    So much emotion! I now live in Minnesota and took my Canadian kids to see the Habs tonight. I got to see the mask up close at the game. OMG. I could not stop looking at it.
    I felt like I was back on the couch watching the Saturday night game with my dad.
    Thank you!!!


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