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Antti Raanta: ‘I Was So Pissed’ In Chicago

Antti Raanta: ‘I Was So Pissed’ In Chicago

When Antti Raanta was sent to the New York Rangers this offseason, it did not make a lot of headlines. The assumption was that Scott Darling had simply outplayed him for the backup role, and there was no room left on the roster. Apparently there was more resentment behind-the-scenes than what was initially reported.

Speaking to Finnish news outlet Ilta-Sanomat, Raanta was quoted saying that he was hoping that the Nashville Predators would sweep the Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs this year, so he could go back home to Finland sooner.

Raanta would go on to say that he wished he remained in Rockford, the AHL affiliate, to play in their playoffs. He did not enjoy sitting in the press box as the third string goaltender. In the Stanley Cup final games in Tampa Bay, he apparently had to sit in the dressing room and watch the games because there was no room for him in the press box.

“They had such a small TV in the locker room in Tampa, you really couldn’t see the game. I spent more time playing with my phone.”

While the news itself isn’t that shocking, the complete honesty of the comments by Raanta is. The report, although it has been translated multiple times, was originally written in Finnish, so some of the intricacy of the language used may have been lost in translation. Still, in a world where cookie-cutter athlete comments have become the norm – it’s interesting to see such honesty from a player.

The 25-year-old Raanta appeared in 14 games with the Blackhawks in 2014-2015. He played fantastically well, going 7-4-1, with a .936 save percentage – saving the Blackhawks 8.2 goals against above league average. Those numbers would still not be good enough, as Darling stole the backup role and received a contract extension. Raanta was also quoted in the interview saying that Darling’s height may have been a factor in winning the job, as head coach Joel Quenneville is a big fan of his size.

Despite the resentment, Raanta will still receive a ring, and get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. He spent a day with it earlier this summer, taking it to his hometown of Rauma, Finland.

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Greg Balloch

Greg Balloch is a Vancouver-based writer for InGoal Magazine, broadcaster for Sportsnet 650, and goaltending coach. His career began in Hamilton, Ontario with the Junior 'A' Hamilton Red Wings, before moving to Vancouver to cover the Canucks on the radio and work with the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL. A lifelong goaltender, he has been teaching the position for over a decade.


  1. TFm

    Sounds like a real team player…

    • Stefan

      There´s a difference between beeing a team player and sucking up everything that´s thrown at you and not speaking your mind. At least he waited until after he left the team so it wasn´t a disturbence. In my book that´s beeing a team player. He´s an athlete that want´s to play – I can understand that. To me it shows his passion and commitment.

      And truth be told in this day of media trained – always say the right thing – professionals I think it´s great to have one speaking from the heart. Makes him more human.

  2. Bates

    Honesty, I like it. He didn’t hitch out the other goalies or anyone else, who can blame him for hating it with a passion. Good on him for cutting to the chase.