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Blues Backup Carter Hutton Takes Turn as Cardinals Catcher

Fans of baseball and hockey didn’t need another reason to love St. Louis Blues backup Carter Hutton after his incredible St. Louis Cardinals tribute mask for the Winter Classic, but he gave them one anyway with an impromptu and entertaining bullpen session over the weekend:

Wearing the same bright yellow pads and gloves he wore in the winter classic and another new throwback mask from his longtime artist Jesse Acciacca of Jesse’s Custom Designs (images below), Hutton caught balls from a pitching machine prior to the One Nation Classic, which included a skills competition, at Busch Stadium on Sunday.

Hutton got his baseball-themed mask signed by Ozzie Smith, and received a baseball from the family of Cardinals great Stan Musial after showing off the Cardinals-themed mask, proving the separation from goaltender to back catcher isn’t that far.

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