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Braden Holtby Fixes His Mask During Play

Braden Holtby Fixes His Mask During Play

Most of the time when a strap pops loose on a goalie’s mask, the mask falls off and the play is stopped.

Sometimes, the goalie has to give their head an extra shake for it to come off, but either way, it results in the play being stopped and the goalie is given time to fix the situation before it resumes.

Braden Holtby, a guy who always seems to be involved in odd situations, decided to fix his strap problem during the play on Saturday.

You read that correctly. Holtby had a strap issue, and when he didn’t get a whistle from the referee, he decided to completely remove his mask and fix it while the play was in the other end.

Here’s a full clip of the play, so you can see it for yourself:

Not only is this incredibly dangerous due to the risk of injury if his team turned the puck over quickly, he risks a goal going in with his back to the play! The Capitals were even killing a penalty when it happened. We definitely do NOT recommend that you try this move yourself, especially against NHL shooters.

Thankfully, he snapped his strap back on, gave his hair a flip, and was able to resume playing without incident.

Holtby seems to have a lot of issues with keeping the straps of his mask on properly. It happens to everyone occasionally, but it seemingly happens every other game with the Capitals’ netminder. This isn’t the first time this season that we’ve had to write an article centred around Holtby’s mask falling off.

There is no word if the league will have to step in and do something about it, as referees are required to blow the whistle as soon as the goalie’s mask falls off, for obvious reasons. If they feel like Holtby is exploiting this rule, then something has to be done. The referee didn’t blow the whistle this time, but that’s not a very safe resolution to this situation moving forward.

Whether he’s intentionally keeping his straps loose or not, fixing it during the play in an NHL game is a totally crazy move – and is something that only a goalie with ice in their veins like Holtby could pull off.

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