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New Gear: Brian’s G-Netik Review (now with Video)

New Gear: Brian’s G-Netik Review (now with Video)

The Brian’s G-NETik line can be set up for any style, but goalies that like to feel attached to their pads will really like the softer feel, tighter fit options.

Last week’s new edition of InGoal Magazine featured the first ever in-depth testing and review of Brian’s new G-NETik equipment line, a hybrid alternative to last year’s popular Sub Zero gear.

With a softer boot, the most flexible options stock at all three breaks – 3-3-3 in Brian’s speak – and knee rolls on both the outside and inside, The G-NETik pad is designed for a reactive puck stopper that typically likes their pads to fit tighter on, and feel more attached to, their leg, both down at the skate and up at the knee. Add in an easy-to-close, puck-gobbling glove that had pros like Eddie Lack eager to keep the prototypes they were shown late last season – for InGoal testers not being able to take it home was the only complaint – and there’s a lot to be excited about.

Be sure to read the entire written review in InGoal Magazine, and don’t forget this is the final week to enter our contest to win a custom set of G-NETik pads of your own. And now, thanks to our partners in the contest – both Brian’s Custom Sports and Total Goalie – there are video reviews too.

The in-depth videos from Total Goalie, and featuring Brian’s pro rep Chris Joswiak, start with a look at the G-NETik leg pads, which have creative new strapping options combining the Velcro-based Smart Strap system that debuted on last season’s Sub Zeros with traditional leather strap options, meaning you can try the new, lighter straps without having to commit entirely to it right away:

Next up is the G-NETik blocker, which maintains the binding-less design from Sub Zero, but with more of a traditional inner edge that starts at the bottom the board rather than the top of it, producing a crisp 90-degree line on the G-NETik blocker instead of the rounded top edge of the Sub Zero. Brian’s also moved the hand up the board a bit, enhancing the mobility and feel of an open cuff:

Last, but certainly not least, Total Goalie and Joswiak wake a close look at the unique new glove that seemed to hold onto so many pucks. It’s the result of a combination of factors and innovations all adding up to a glove that A. presents big, B. closes easily, and C. seems to vacuum pucks into the double-T pocket whether they first contact the palm, thumb or fingertips:

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