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Brian’s Launches SubZero Pro 2 Customizer

Brian’s Launches SubZero Pro 2 Customizer

Brian's SubZero Pro2 Customizer JPEGProving once again there is a good reason they’ve been branded “The Custom Goal Company,” Brian’s launched the SubZero Pro 2 Customizer with a whopping 22 colour zones.

Brian’s, the company that has delivered some of the wildest one-off custom graphics the goal crease has ever seen – from the infamous beer league pads that looked like a can of Heinekens, to pro logo gear like Chris Mason’s incredible Nashville Predators set – is bringing and incredible array of options to it’s standard custom ordering process.

It features unique new patterns that allows goaltenders to create countless truly unique looks – from strikingly simple to bold and wild – on the highly anticipated, soon-to-be-launch SubZero Pro 2 line. And for the first time ever, the debut of an “outer roll” colour zone on both the blocker and catcher, giving goalies a chance to tie in the real outer roll colour they choose for their pads with their gloves.

There are also several bold new colours, like  the neon green that had the goalie community buzzing when Brian’s leaked a sneak peak, as well as a neon orange and electric blue. The stylish new options provide a perfect compliment to a pad with a truly rich look and feel even on the backside, something InGoal readers already noticed when the first features of the SubZero Pro 2 debuted here last week.

Add it all up, and goalies are going to have a lot of fun on Brian’s new SubZero Pro 2 customizer. Might as well get started now by clicking here, or on any of the samples below (all done by InGoal, so blame us if you don’t like the look, we were going for bright and bold):

Brian's SubZero Pro2 Customizer JPEG


SubZero Pro2 Customizer Blocker


SubZero Pro2 Glove JPEG

For more information on the gear itself, be sure to check out InGoal’s first story on the Hyper-Flex 4 boot break, and keep checking InGoal every week for more features of the SubZero Pro 2 line – and a lot more exciting gear launches as Brian’s Custom Sports celebrates its 30th Anniversary.


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