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Brian’s Pad of the Week: Anderson Enters #BEASTMODE

Brian’s Pad of the Week: Anderson Enters #BEASTMODE

Ottawa Senators Goaltender Craig Anderson Brian'sIt’s fitting that Craig Anderson has “#Beastmode” on his new Brian’s equipment.

Not only has the Ottawa Senators goaltender been known to throw the hashtag around on his twitter account, but Brian’s Custom Sports used to feature a line of gear called Beast. Anderson has made the switch to Brian’s for the upcoming season, but the custom labelling on his new glove is the closest he’ll get to the old Beast model.

Instead, Anderson has opted for a glove from the popular new G-NETik line, which was reviewed exclusively and extensively in the recent edition of InGoal Magazine. He chose a blocker from the Pro Stock model, modifying it with a reinforced sidewall and a break near the thumb. And to round out the sharp-looking set, Anderson went with the SubZero pads that debuted at InGoal last season, customizing them with no breaks and an 84 degree toe taper on the inside of the boot on his 36+2 set up.

As much as Senators fans hope to see Anderson back in beast mode in the NHL soon, for now we’ll have to settle for the new gear, which is tied together nicely with the graphics from the SubZero line released last season:

Ottawa Senators Goaltender Craig Anderson pads

Ottawa Senators Goaltender Craig Anderson Brian's

Ottawa Senators Goaltender Craig Anderson Brian's

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    I like the black drop shadow on the graphic… will be getting my custom G-Netik glove in bout a month.

  2. Wulfman

    Like this article. It would be good, however, to see pictures of the blocker sidewall and the break in the thumb. Would be also interested to see the back of his pads.

  3. Ty

    he also has the corvette logo embroidered on the inside of the thigh rise