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Brian’s Pad of Week: Halak’s New Graphic Proves Popular

Brian’s Pad of Week: Halak’s New Graphic Proves Popular
Jaroslav Halak

Clint Trahan Photo

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak an active role in creating the new graphics on his new Brian’s G-NETik pads.

His design has proven popular, with fellow pro Dov Grumet-Morris of the American Hockey League San Antonio Rampage following suit and switching to the new look on a pair of retro pads (photos below), and more and more orders for the new look coming in since it debuted on Halak when the NHL returned in late January.

“I kind of wanted to change and update the old version so this is what we came up with it and I think it looks good,” Halak said of his new “scratch” graphic. “It’s kind of similar. I didn’t want to change the full look, just a little bit.”

As for the pads – and be sure to read the complete review of the G-NETik line in the October edition of InGoal Magazine – Halak went away from the softer stock 3-3-3 pattern, choosing instead to have the stiffest flex at the top and bottom, and a medium flex in the middle, which is the only spot with a break on the outer roll (or a 1-2-1 flex in Brian’s speak). His 35+2 pads feature an 80-degree taper at the toe, and for the first time Halak is using Brian’s Smart Strap Velcro system to secure his calf, with the more traditional two leather straps around the knee area.

Halak first switched to the new G-NETik pads and strapping while playing in Germany.

“The Smart Straps provide a comfortable and effective way to hold my leg to the pad while helping rotation,” Halak said.

jaro pad

Halak has also switched to the G-NETik glove with his latest order, as you can see from the extra palm padding inside the pocket rather than inside the glove:

jaro gloves

Halak’s new design caught the eye of San Antonio’s Dov Grumet-Morris, who ordered a retro set:

grumet morris pad

grumet morris gloves

… And Brian’s Custom Sports is seeing more and more orders for the new Halak graphic, like these ones:


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