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Brian’s Pad of Week: Kings of Custom Back At It

Brian’s Pad of Week: Kings of Custom Back At It

jack1The Kings of Custom at Brian’s are back at it with one of the most remarkable set of goalie pads ever, somehow combining The Shining and Pirates of the Caribbean on a couple of playing cards.

Living up to their nickname, the designers at Brian’s Custom Sports created their own unique take on “a pair of Jacks.”

A crazy looking Jack Nicholson from The Shining, is featured as the Jack of Spades on the right pad, along with the “REDRUM” and mirror-image “MURDER” from the Stephen King movie. Captain Jack Sparrow, as played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, is depicted with remarkable accuracy as the Jack of diamonds on the front of the left pad.

As custom-made goalie pads go, these are right up there with Brian’s infamous “Beer League pads” featuring an incredible looking can of Heinekens on each leg, or the “Money Goalie” pads so real looking that you worry about counterfeit charges.

This unique set of Brian’s new G-NETik line is a reminder that the same top-level customization seen on NHL goalies like Nashville Predators’ backup Chris Mason and in the AHL on Vancouver Canucks’ prospect Eddie Lack is also available to the public. Be sure to check out some of the other unique designs on Brian’s Goalie’s Only website and enjoy these closeups of the two Jacks below:






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  1. Alex

    Wow, looks like most of it is made up of separate sewn pieces of Jenpro! Even the whiskers look like stitching! I wonder how much of it is printed – maybe just the REDRUM letters? Good work!