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Brian’s Pad of Week: Eddie Lack Adds Canucks Logo

Brian’s Pad of Week: Eddie Lack Adds Canucks Logo

Eddie Lack Canucks logo pads and gloves biggerEddie Lack has never shied away from showing his personality, so it’s fitting that the sometimes silly (in a good way) Swedish stopper has long worn equipment from Brian’s Custom Sports.

Known as The Custom Goal Company, Brian’s is on the cutting edge of unique, one-off originals, producing everything from pads that look like real money, to one that looked so much like set of Heineken beer cans, it made you thirsty.

They’ve teamed up with Lack again to produce this new set of Canucks logo set of SubZero Pro2 pads for the rest of this season, a fitting look for Vancouver’s new No.1.

The set features matching Canucks logos and stylish green and blue striping on Lack’s G-NETik Pro blocker and glove.

It’s a good look, but it’s not the first time they’ve combined on a cool custom set.

Lack’s Vancouver Millionaire-themed maroon-and-beige set for the recent Heritage Classic were gorgeous, and Brian’s also built the big Swede a sick Chicago Wolves-logo set of gear when he was in the American Hockey League.

Lack’s latest may be right up there with Chris Mason’s Winnipeg Jet-themed pads from a couple years ago, but comes in just behind Mason’s incredible Nashville Predators set in our rankings. But that’s okay, we keep hearing there may be a Johnny Canuck  themed look coming sometime in the near future.

For more great custom goalie equipment, visit Brian’s Goalies Only website, and for more information on the SubZero Pro2 pad that Lack started wearing this season, check out the InGoal online preview from earlier this season, and to read about the GNET-ik Pro gloves that were so good Lack didn’t want to give the prototype back after first trying it, check out the InGoal Magazine review of the entire G-NETik line from the October, 2012 edition.

In the meantime, enjoy Lack’s new Canucks-logo look:

Eddie Lack Canucks logo pads and gloves bigger

Eddie Lack Canucks Logo Gloves

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  1. burkanuck

    Awesome looking pads! Makes me almost want to consider switching to Brian’s, not quite, but almost. 🙂

  2. Tony

    Thank you from staying away from boring goalie pads!

  3. Paul Ipolito

    Eddie should spend some money on goalie lessons rather than flash gear.

  4. matt

    I hate the Canucks, but I gotta respect the pads. Go HAwks

  5. nick

    Any particular reason why he prefers the g-netik blocker still? My understanding was they are almost identical