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Brian’s Pads of the Week: College Colours and Logos

Brian’s Pads of the Week: College Colours and Logos

Adrian College Brian's G-NETikWhen it comes to playing college hockey, goaltenders need equipment that will hold up through a long season filled with hundreds and hundreds of shots during mid-week practices, and still not be broken down for the weekend games.

Being able to give it a custom look that matches the team is a nice bonus, and another reason so many choose Brian’s Custom Sports.

From the complex stitched logos we’ve seen on NHL goalies like Chris Mason, to custom graphics, to an embroidered team logo, there are no shortage of options for NCAA stoppers looking to establish a unique look as they establish themselves as top ‘tenders. Here are a handful of recent examples, and remember, because Brian’s calls themselves the “Kings of Custom,” you don’t need to be in the NHL or NCAA to get your own unique look – everything you see here is an option for Joe Goalie too. And because they are all made with Brian’s proprietary E-Foams, you can expect the same kind of durability that makes them so popular in college hockey.

Let’s start with Stephen Williams from the University of Missouri, who went with a custom scratch graphic at the bottom of his Sub Zero pads, an embroidered logo on the thigh, a black outer roll to set it all off, and a sliding toe bridge for performance:

Brian's custom college pads

Next up is Chris Schornack of Adrian College and a Sub Zero Pad that used a similar Halak graphic horizontally across the face of the pad, with the team logo on one pad and his personal #30 stitched into the face of the opposite side for a truly personalized look:

Brian's Adrian College Sub Zero Halak

Now, for another totally different look from the same school, check out this throwback Adrian College G-NETik pad, with the school’s name running up and down the outer rolls, retro face straps and thigh points, and black binding with white lace:

Adrian College Brian's G-NETik

Back to a more discreet use of the team logo, Vilma Vaattovaara of the University of New Hampshire kept it simple with team colours, the Eddie Lack-style graphic at the bottom of the pad, and Wildcat embroidery near the top:

Brian's Sub Zero UNH

And last, but certainly not least, sometimes a custom designed graphic is enough. That’s what Brady Hjelle of Ohio State University chose for his custom Sub Zero pads:

Brian's Sub Zero Ohio State

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