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Brian’s Pads of the Week: Tampa prospect Vasilevsky

Brian’s Pads of the Week: Tampa prospect Vasilevsky

Tampa Bay Lightning Goalie Andrei VasilevskyTampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevsky probably isn’t coming over to North America anytime soon given he doesn’t even turn 19 until late July, but the promising prospect has a new set of gear for the upcoming season that would fit perfectly with the NHL team that drafted him in the first round last summer.

Vasilevky, who is expected to continue playing in the Kontinental Hockey League in his native Russia for another season, added a custom graphic to his new 38-inch SubZero pad and blocker, and G-NETik glove from Brian’s Custom Sports. And while it’s not quite a perfect lightning bolt, it does have that feel, and the colours are perfect for the Tampa Bay uniforms.

As for the gear itself, the SubZero pads are relatively straight, have an 84-degree taper at the toe, no breaks, and use traditional leather straps and metal buckles, rather that Brian’s Velcro-based Smart Strap system.

Vasilevky also has his name and the Russian code of arms embroidered on the back of the thigh rises. He is using a SubZero glove and Arm/Body unit, and a G-NETik glove and pants.

It’s a set up most expect to see in the NHL soon, but for now enjoy it here:

Tampa Bay Lightning Goalie Andrei Vasilevsky

Vasilevsky SubZero Front

Vasilevsky SubZero Side


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  1. Chicago Joe

    I love this setup, it’s very sharp, it matches the team colors well and looks like a lightning bolt, which I find fantastic.

  2. Brent Lange

    Hey there! I’m wondering how I can get my hands on a Pro Return the same as Vasilevsky White and Blue Gnetik glove. Or do I have to make a custum order to get a glove similar to it. I have Brians that are mainly all White with a little Blue Weave in them. And how much would it cost me. Thanks Brent