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Brian’s SubZero Pro2 Contest Winner Revealed

Brian’s SubZero Pro2 Contest Winner Revealed
Kyle MacFarland won a custom set of the new SubZero Pro2 line being tested in this photo by InGoal Magazine.

Kyle MacFarland won a custom set of the new SubZero Pro2 pads and gloves being tested by InGoal Magazine in this photo.

It took us a little while to confirm it, but InGoal Magazine is happy to announce Kyle MacFarland of North Billerica, Massachusetts is the winner of a custom set of the new SubZero Pro2 pads and gloves from Brian’s Custom Sports and Total Goalie.

To say Kyle was excited at the news would be an understatement, and we’re happy for him.

MacFarland plays in the Boston Metropolitan Hockey League for the Valley Jr. Warriors, a team with a long list of prominent alumni that includes current New Jersey Devils starter Cory Schneider. The 18-year old really needs new gear for the current season, and after working all summer at McDonald’s two years ago to afford his last new set, was contemplating sacrificing his car insurance savings to help pay for the equipment.

Now he doesn’t have to worry about it.

“This is awesome,” said MacFarland, who has been a goalie since he was nine years old.

MacFarland can now get to work on on Brian’s new SubZero Pro2 customizer to build his dream set of the already popular new line that launched earlier this month.

For those that may have missed it – and given the early popularity of the new line from Brian’s Custom Sports, few have – InGoal already released overviews of the new SubZero Pro2 pads and gloves. While the chance to win this new equipment may have passed, the opportunity to own this exciting new line of ultra light, performance-driven equipment has just started.

The Brian’s SubZero Pro2 line, with a totally redesigned glove and reshaped pad, is available now through retailers like Total Goalie, who have already produced video reviews (below) highlighting the new features.

There is plenty more to come from Brian’s Custom Sports as they celebrate their 30th anniversary season. Brian’s laid out their celebration plans at International Sales Meetings in the summer, and our contest partners at Total Goalie were also there – on the ice and in the gear with Detroit Red Wings goalie coach Jim Bedard, Boston Bruins prospect Malcolm Subban and the international Brian’s reps – so their video reviews come with some unique insights into the the new SubZero Pro2 line:

We’ll start with the pads:

And then the gloves, which may be the biggest – and best – improvement from the original SubZero line:

And finally, the blocker:

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  1. Dsm

    Was starting to think notification was handled by the Pony Express.

    Good on a hard working kid winning this.

  2. Dennis Alessio

    Nice to see Brian’s Pro-2 promotions and In Goal Mag teaming up
    when it helps a kid who had to flip burgers for a year to buy his last
    set of pads. Good job.