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Brodeur talks to InGoal – Ancient Chest/Arm Unit to Blame for Injury ??

Brodeur talks to InGoal – Ancient Chest/Arm Unit to Blame for Injury ??

Old School Chest-and-Arm Protector let Devils star down?

Brodeur Chest Protector

Martin Brodeur wears a 12 year old chest protector that he insists will retire with him.

It looks like Martin Brodeur will have to get the sewing kit out and stitch some more padding on his ancient chest-and-arm protector.

The good news for the New Jersey Devils is their hall of Fame goaltender doesn’t have any bones that need knitting.
Brodeur left Wednesday’s game in Chicago early with a bruised right elbow from a Patrick Kane shot in the second period.

Brodeur noted in the media scrum after the game, “It was a stinger. Hit me, not on the funny bone, but right on the nerves that are connected there and just kind of lost all strength that I had in my hand, so I couldn’t hold my stick. I tried. I went to play the puck and it was just weak.”

X-rays were negative, but after seeing his tiny, outdated chest protector during a stop in Vancouver on Monday, InGoal Magazine is surprised the damage wasn’t more extensive. Brodeur said he’s had it for about 12 years and insists it will retire with him — if it doesn’t retire him first.

“[laughing] Well that’s why I add stuff –  every time I get hurt I put a new padding.”

Brodeur gets a stinger  from a Patrick Kane blast

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  1. Brrr

    I know how he feels. New C/As are so stiff and bulky, it’s really hard to move around in them. Mine is about the same age, and I can’t see myself using a new one. I’ve tried, and I just feel like I’m in a straight jacket.

  2. paul szabo

    I think his old CA is a bit of a testimony to his unique style- catching or deflecting pucks rather with his hands than simply blocking with his upper body. However, I must say that it ems incredible that he is not hurt more often. I play with really good players but they are not NHLers (maybe one or two and that was 15 years ago) and when they shoot the puck it is serious hard and can really hurt when it hits you in the forearm, elbow or bicep area…
    Brodeur is a hero or a nut to wear that thing. I have seen it in photos and it truly looks dangerous.

  3. Kris

    I had an old one, and then had an elbow that was the size of my head, I’ll deal with breaking in a new one before I do that again.

  4. Goalie Crease Network

    I think he’s crazy not to upgrade. Also very tough. But that’s Marty, doesn’t like change.


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