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Cam Ward debuts new Chicago Blackhawks mask

For the first time in his NHL career, Cam Ward needed to come up with something totally new and different for his goaltending mask after leaving the Carolina Hurricanes as a free agent.

Fortunately for Ward, who signed with the Chicago Blackhawks after 13 seasons in Carolina, he had long-time artist Steve Nash of Eye Candy Air to help, and the iconic logos of an original six franchise to work with.

The results speak for themselves:


Not that it was an easy process for Nash, who had been painting variations of a Blackbeard pirate theme on Ward’s mask in Carolina for a decade.

“We were very excited to hear that Cam would be playing in Chicago, an original-six team with rich history,” Nash told InGoal Magazine by email, “But It also meant we would have to redesign his identifiable Blackbeard pirate skull mask as that had historical significance to Carolina. The Blackbeard design had been a work in progress since the 07-08 season so it was going to be a big change for us too. We needed to come up with something that Cam could be easily recognized in.”

“We also wanted the mask to be seen and easily identifiable from the stands,” Nash said of the big, bold logos.

Coming up with something original wasn’t easy.

“Many ideas came to us during the design process but upon research we’d find something similar that had been painted before,” he said. “We then thought to triple layer the logo, something we hadn’t seen done. We felt it flowed really well on the mask and gave us that opportunity to do something unique that could be seen from afar.”

Enjoy all the up-close pictures of Ward’s new mask below, and for more great designs from EyeCandyAir be sure to follow their @eyecandyair account on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as the main website.






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  1. Lawrence Welsh

    Nice mask

    • Jon valente

      Not liking it. Looks boring as can be. I went to see him play this week against Detroit. He played terrible and was pulled after allowing 6 goals. I hope he turns things around really quick.