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Canadiens Carey Price debuts another new (but temporary) mask

Canadiens Carey Price debuts another new (but temporary) mask

Carey Price debuted a new mask Saturday night against Washington, but it was a one-game deal.

So for those looking for more shots of the temporary lid – and the story behind it – InGoal Magazine is happy to help.

Painted once again by Price’s personal artist David Arrigo of, the mask was part of a contest sponsored by Clorox Bleach, a sponsor of the team. Unfortunately it was the Canadiens that got whitewashed by impressive Washington rookie Braden Holtby on Saturday night, but Price could hardly be blamed for the loss. He was even named the game’s first star (Holtby was second) after making 31 saves to keep Montreal in it.

The winning design, which is pictured below, was painted by Arrigo and worn by Price before being returned to the contest winner after they watched the game in seats that came with winning the contest (the winner also got a $500 for dinner at Mise-O-Jeu).

[imagebrowser id=29]

Arrigo is Carey’s regular artist and the creator of his popular but creepy Heritage Classic mask, as well as his Montreal helmet art. He’s also by far the most diverse artist in the business doing work for the NFL (Super bowl murals), NASCAR, the Canadian Forces and more charitable works than you can imagine.

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  1. paul szabo

    Kind of a boring design in my humble opinion. The background is cool (the silhouette of the fans and the choice of colour), but the generic cartoon kid has been done before (i.e. Jeff Hackett’s mask had a similar theme) and the flying banner looks too much like Auld’s mask. Would’ve liked to see the other entries in this contest…

  2. Matt in Montreal


    I saw the other entries (Top 3) and this one was way better than the others.

    I think the ‘problem’ is the dark blue.

    And it goes to show that there certainly is a lot of real estate to work with on those lids.

    Sweet contest!

  3. glenn

    Looks great in my humble opinion.

  4. mitch

    I’m a designer and design wise it almost hurts my eyes,
    just a really lame and weak concept. I find it stupid that they do contest where
    they ask people that aren’t designer to design something,
    It’s like asking me to build a bridge. Let the real mask designers do
    there job, not any Jo Schmo wanabe. I wouldn’t design my own mask
    because that’s not my expertise.

  5. bernard

    I believe anybody can be a artist, it does not take a professional to design this stuff, and for most designers can’t design for the love of things anyway, its the real creative people who inspire what art is, and this mask is really not that creative for the most part, most of carey prices or other nhl goalies are way more extravagant than this is even close to. They abviously didnt take much into consideration when judging. I feel disappointed to see this as a winning design, my worst ideas for masks are more creative than this.

  6. alain dubois

    To Mitch and Bernard , I’m Alain Dubois the winner of the contest and one thing that i did before i sumit my designs ( 7 in totals ) is to read carrefuly the rules of the contest . ” people will vote for the mask that represents the spirit of hockey in Montréal ” No used of image of the Stanley Cup , no used of copyrighted photos . I’m a goalie and a fan of the ” old school ” paint job on a mask ( a la Roy , Brodeur , Richter , Hextall ) but i know with that kind of design its impossible to win a contest when you know that most people that will vote aren’t goalies . Its easy to critics and pretend that some graphic artist would have done better BUT TO WIN A DESIGN CONTEST YOU NEED TO READ THE RULES BEFORE .I’m proud that David Arrigo liked the design. The sponsor ( Clorox ) is proud of the design and most important Carey Price said on an article of the Gazette that he was delighted with it . He broke the team record for most saves in a season that game ( March 26th ) wearing the mask with my design on it .