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Carey Price Talks Tweaked Positioning – in Crease and with Glove

Carey Price Talks Tweaked Positioning – in Crease and with Glove
Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Pad Overlap

Whether its his gear or his game, Carey Price continues to evolve.

Carey Price’s season in Montreal may have ended prematurely with a recent concussion, but the Canadiens’ star is always looking to evolve.

Price talked about many of the changes in his game and gear during an excellent Ask a Pro with InGoal last, but there were a few extra tidbits saved for later. They include the unique modifications he makes to his stick in order to improve his puck handling, which will be featured in the upcoming April edition of InGoal Magazine, but they don’t end there.

In addition to taking a slightly more aggressive initial position outside the blue ice – something former Canadiens’ goaltending coach Roland Melanson was against – and putting a little backward flow back into his game, Price has subtly altered his glove positioning. As a result, it’s no longer considered a weakness by the many pointed critics of the Canadiens.

Price, who was quick to point to Melanson as the reason he looks so smooth moving around his crease, whether on his skates of his knees, resisted his former coach’s desire to raise his glove the way Roberto Luongo has under Melanson’s guidance this season. But Price has moved it forward in his stance, getting it out in front of his left pad, and noticed an improvement.

It makes sense when you consider the importance of visual attachment, and the fact Price often used the catch the puck behind the plane of his body, where it’s almost impossible to follow its path all the way into the glove.

Still, it’s not an easy change to make – just ask Luongo, who struggled mightily the first month after making it.

“It’s just so natural to have it wherever it lies, you really have to think about it,” Price said. “I’m pretty stubborn in my ways. I used to have it a lot back like that, so just having it forward a little bit allows you to free it up.”

Price even recalled a story about Jose Theodore having his glove held up by a bungee chord. He now uses a high glove position.

“I remember Rollie talking about working with Theo and he had to have a bungee chord around his arm so he’d hold it up,” Price said.

As hard as it can be to change, Price has noticed the benefits beyond improved puck tracking and vision.

“You can go into an elbow save from there too,” he said, demonstrating how much easier it is to get the elbow up when the glove is forward rather than tucked into the waist. “Ryan Miller is probably the best at that, using his elbows, he’s unbelievable at it.”

For a more detailed look at the benefits of forward gloves – and Luongo’s adjustment to it – including how it can actually also improve lateral mobility, check out the article from coach Sean Murray in the February issue of InGoal Magazine.

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Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Matt in Montreal

    Seems almost every game he plays, Carey has a highlight-reel-like glove save. Or two.

    One of the best in the biz IMO.

  2. Kelly

    In spite of the Habs’ bad season, Carey has been amazing. It’s a shame that he is suffering from a concussion. Carey, as a goalie, you have the toughest position out there on the ice. Keep up the good work and get well soon! You’ll be ready for next season soon enough!

  3. Trent

    I’ve been on the Price bandwagon since junior. He has all the tools to be a starter we’re still talking about in 10 or 15 years.

  4. Daniel

    HUGE Carey Price fan! He plays in the most unforgiving market in hockey and manages to be a Super Star on a very poor team… What impresses me most about ANY goalie is the keeper’s willingness to adapt and overcome. Keep up the good work!