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Capitals Holtby Loses Puck in Pants for 90+ Seconds

Capitals Holtby Loses Puck in Pants for 90+ Seconds

If you’ve played goal long enough then you know exactly what Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby was going through when he couldn’t find the puck in his equipment on Sunday night.

At least most of us don’t have to go through it in front of a full arena and live television audience like Holtby did in a game against the Florida Panthers. Naturally, no sooner had Holtby given up after a somewhat humiliating minute-and-a-half search, and the puck popped almost comically out of his pants as play was set to resume:

All goalies know the feeling. You make a save only to have the puck disappear somewhere into your gear – most often the pants, but sometimes the cuff of a blocker or glove, the chest-and-arm unit, shin of the leg pad or even a crease in your jersey – and you can’t feel or find it.

We’re not sure what’s worse: The snarky comments about not knowing you made the save or chirps about your equipment being too big if you can’t feel a puck inside it, as if any of those players have a clue about playing goal.

As the announcers mentioned, it can happen to the best. Martin Brodeur needed nearly two minutes to find a puck lodged in his equipment in mid-December, and needed a trip to the bench to find it. Even former NHL goalie and standout analyst Darren Pang got in a friendly dig about today’s gear being too big:

InGoal readers everywhere feel your pain, guys. We’ve all been there.

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