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Carey Price goes with Pink P4s for Hockey Fights Cancer

Carey Price goes with Pink P4s for Hockey Fights Cancer

Carey Price already created a huge buzz in the goaltending world by switching to Reebok equipment this season.

InGoal Magazine has learned the Montreal Canadiens’ standout stopper will soon use all that spotlight for a good cause by wearing a set of pink accented Reebok P4 pads and gloves during October, which is both the month and the colour used to help raise awareness for breast cancer, and also the month that the National Hockey League launches its Hockey Fights Cancer initiative.

(Thursday update: InGoal also unveiled Price’s new pink mask celebrating his native heritage).

Price won’t wear the pink highlighted Reebok equipment, which includes the symbolic pink ribbon along the side of the pad, when the Canadiens open the season in Toronto Thursday because league approvals created a delay. But they are in production and he should have them soon.

(Thursday update: InGoal has obtained a photo of the finished equipment).

Carey Price Pink Gear

In the meantime Before the photo above became available, InGoal was able to obtain exclusive rendering of what the new equipment will look like when it arrives:


Carey Price Pink P4 Pads


The side of the pads will feature the pink ribbon associated with Breast Cancer Awareness month:

Thanks to TVA Sports in Montreal, InGoal is able to bring you this interview with Price acknowledging that he’ll be wearing the gear in October.

It’s not the first time Price has put his name, fame and equipment in play for a good cause. In 2009, he worked with his personal artist David Arrigo to create a Remembrance Day tribute mask that was later auctioned off to benefit the Wounded Warriors charity.

It’s also not the first time and NHL goalie has used his pads to raise money and awareness during breast cancer awareness month. Last season, Islanders’ goalie Rick Dipietro broke out an even brighter pair of pink pads during the Hockey Fights Cancer campaign.

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  1. alyssa teed

    OMG i <3 i think its very sweet and good of him to wear breast cancer gear! Coo-dos to you carey!