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Carey Price Takes Selfie with Young Fan

Carey Price Takes Selfie with Young Fan

If you’re an adorable kid with on-the-glass seats to a game involving the Montreal Canadiens, don’t forget to take your phone. You might just get a souvenir to take home with you.

Coming out of a commercial break late in the third period of the Habs’ game against the New York Islanders, NBCSN showed the audience one of those off the cuff interactions that can make a kid’s year. Carey Price was patiently waiting for the television timeout to be over when he noticed a young Canadiens fan trying to take a selfie in which the netminder would have been the star. One of those “look how close I was” moments. Showing why he’s a favorite with fans, Price not only didn’t move away, he leaned in to make sure the picture came out just right.

The Habs were leading 2-0 at the time, so perhaps Price was feeling generous. (They would win the game 3-1.) Either way, with a simple gesture Carey Price gave the child a memory to treasure.

UPDATE: The selfie has now been found on Instagram!

My hero price

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  1. Joe Feeney

    One reason that Carie Price is well liked by fans around th eleague.

  2. Mark Baxendale

    What a class act Carey Price is. He is a great role model for others in his position.