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CCM Launches New Extreme Flex Pro II Line

CCM Launches New Extreme Flex Pro II Line

CCM Price Shut The DoorThe new 2015 CCM Extreme Flex II line is now available, meaning goaltenders all over the world can now build and buy the same equipment worn by Montreal Canadiens star Carey Price during his Vezina Trophy-worthy season.

In addition to the pads and gloves that have been previewed here at InGoal over the past three weeks, Price has been wearing an all-new CCM Premier arm-and-body unit that includes an advanced new impact-absorbing foam, D30, that has led other NHL goaltenders to comment about how big the Canadiens No.1 looks.

InGoal Magazine will have a complete, in-depth review of the new pads, gloves and arm-and-body unit in a Special Edition that launches Monday that will include a contest for the chance to win a custom set of your own.

In the meantime, we have assembled a collection of links to our preview stories detailing some of the unique features of the new pads, including a couple specific to Price’s preferred set up, as well as resources from CCM and our contest partner, The Hockey Shop. Enjoy the new details, and check back Monday for A LOT MORE:

CCM Twitter Chat

Live Chat With CCM Goaltending Team

The CCM goaltending team will be on the new CCM Goalie Twitter account on Friday afternoon at 1:30 Eastern Standard Time to conduct a question-and-answer session about the new Extreme Flex II line.

The chat includes Sonya DiBiase, the Head of the Reebok and CCM goaltending equipment division, and one of the most knowledgable goalie gear experts in the industry.

So if you aren’t already, be sure to follow the new CCM Goalie account on Twitter and use the hashtag #ASKCCM to keep track of the discussion and ask questions about the new gear from the people who developed it.

Carey Price Custom Options Now Standard 

Carey Price Extreme Flex 2 extended (1 of 1)Price already sparked the trend towards running the elastic knee strap down to the outer calf wrap, something that has since become a standard option across several brands.

Now Price’s preference to not use a bootstrap at all on his pads will be a stock option for goalies everywhere, with an easily removable bootstrap standard on the Extreme Flex II pad.

InGoal Testers have been impressed with the increased ankle mobility of playing without the bootstrap, and surprised at how connected the pad still feels to the leg.

Read more about this option, and the rest of Price’s pad preferences in this InGoal preview.

Bernier CCM EFlex2 strapping up (1 of 1)More Flexible Boot Gives Bernier ‘Power to Push’

The biggest difference in the new Extreme Flex II pad is a more flexible boot break than the original Extreme Flex and Retro Flex pads that also features increased torsional flex without sacrificing durability.

This new “Ultra Soft” boot break allows goalies that prefer to wear their pads tight to establish more of that “connected” feeling through the shin and into the skate without sacrificing mobility and pad rotation when they drop into the butterfly. The real value, according to Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier, is how the added flex allows goalies to load up for a more powerful lateral push.

“I feel like I get a better load to push for sure,” Bernier told InGoal Magazine after a recent game. “When your pad is bending on the bottom you definitely have more power because you can get lower and really load on your leg.”

Read more from Bernier in the first InGoal preview.

All New CCM Premier Arm-and-Body Bigger and More Mobile

Hockey Shop CCM CA IMAGECCM has a brand new arm-and-body unit for 2015 that builds on the still popular original Premier line by taking coverage, size, protection and adjustability to a new level.

As big as the new CCM Premier unit looks – and Bernier and other NHL goalies have commented on how big Price looks in it this season – InGoal testers have been really impressed with the out-of-the box mobility as well.

The goalies at The Hockey Shop put together a good early review of the CCM Premier unit, including lots of photos and a video look at the exclusive new impact-absorbing foam called D30 used in the chest-and-arm. Read it here.

CCM Customizer Live With More Color Zones

CCM added two more color zones to the Extreme Flex II to produce a nice blend of stripe and solid block options that allow goalies to create a variety of unique looks on custom orders. CCM has also put together a nice guide explaining all the custom options, from knee cradle to leg channel to toe ties and everything in between. Just click here to read the downloadable PDF. Then click the image below to start building your own:

CCM Price Shut The Door

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